Friday, July 24, 2009

Stolen summer Love

it began with no names, just a face.
a purple hoodie to match, a blocks worth a walk.
a strong character, self aware.
with an underlying serect, expose yourself.

He put in, to sweep her up.
She accepted, knowing she was the backseat disco.
She buckled in for the ride; color me beautiful.

Days numbered, smiles brighter, hearts connected.
One soul dwelled in two bodies from now on.
expose yourself.

a beautiful mistake if I ever saw one.

shortages became a sickness; birth of a separation.
reversed growth calls for ones success.

"I'm sorry"; translation, exposed. (n) also see transparent.
Like going down a one way street. once parallel, now polar opposites.

Memories fade, scars appear, still the candle glows (impact)
Only trying to forshadow the darkness with the light you hold now

Our (stolen summer) love is a cliff hanger.

Come correct, or get crossed out.

"Comfort is key..."