Monday, April 5, 2010

if you dont like art, you wont like my heart.

"Dripping with emotion, works by an artist known as Milk explore heartache in a way that makes us want to turn away, but can’t because her work is good damn good.
Artist and friend Saelee Oh introduced us to her work, which she discovered on MySpace (apparently it isn’t totally dead yet).
Milk is a Tuscon, Arizona based illustrator that made us catch our breath with her brutally honest depictions of females in pain and mourning. Seemingly exploring the emotion surrounding lost love (don’t worry; Milk herself is engaged, according to her page!) these images are captivating in their interpretation of feelings we’ve all had but try to avoid.
However melancholy Milk’s work may be, she makes sure to add interesting references to music (incorporating MP3 icons, musical notes, and old school tape thread) to convey her message. Music is an obvious influence, as is medicine with references to clinical implements and medications. Milk also includes phrases and song titles into tiny strips of narrative hidden within her work."

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