Sunday, October 25, 2009

. a state of solitude .

. i need some meaning i can recognize, a set of arms i can feel secure in, and a face i can recall . a state of solitude . yet I'm too tired to talk, to weak to think, too numb to care . even if your heart would listen, I doubt I could explain . but sometimes if you look, its written all over my face. reset the blame . the interesting part's always caught outside the frame .

The God I don't believe in, finally walked with me and sent me a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Smile. I found myself reliving 5 plus years ago. A trip I haven't had taken in a long time, well, at least with someone live. A familiar face, a solid trust structure and a feeling of 'home' was received. It was what I've been calling upon for the past month. Though it's hard to keep a good name in these ever changing days I have found someone who has been the one true thing that remains the same. The rush of seeing the boy I knew become such a Man was overwhelming and brought joy when we went back to the very same way we left off, almost as if our friendship hasn't been on pause for the past 5 years. We caught up and talked about the hardships we had to face, alone this time. Unfortunately I heard how our friends we grew up aren't doing all, but to see him rise above made me even more proud of him. There's nothing more I like seeing than a good person doing really well and having everything pan out for them. I'm a sucker, I know. The God I don't believe in, cursed me with a good heart, which is awesomely shitty at the same time, but fuck it - i won the battle. I'm happy to have my long lost friend back in my life again and it was dope to here i am then same person they knew from back in the day and that "some things dont change!"

like ice cube, it was a good day.

^ I can't decide if i should be embarrassed of that closing sentence or not.
:: chuckles ::

Thursday, October 22, 2009

angry at breakfast

a facebook drawing Greg Gore made for me.

.This is what angryatbreakfast looks like.
My bestest of friends live in CT. I miss you 2nd shitty home.

First Person.

Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe (Official Music Video) from Saman Keshavarz on Vimeo.

Hands down, the best viedo I have every seen! Thanks to Sykco!

Another genius first person video. I couldn't find the actual full clip video of 'Smack my bitch up' with the right instrumental because it has been banned but whatever remix they sampled in this video i posted, i believe uses samples from Diesel boy's 'flight 643' , just a fun fact...or is it a it even fun?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"What's a WARHOG?!"

A seriously good 80's cover band! Doh!
WarHog is a multi-generational up and coming force in the world of music. Rooted in 80's metal, they've thrown Iron Maiden, Ratt, Bon Jovi, Slayer, AC..DC and Michael Jackson at people in a nonstop roller coaster of epic-ness. From wigs, to zebra spandex, big hair, and evil looks, WarHog has proven the world that the heart of the 80's was not in the posers, but those that have a love for in-your-face music.

With Billy Kay (Lead Vocals)
Joe Shavel (Lead Guitar)
Brendan Scharen (Rhythm Guitar)
Max Sequeira (Bass Guitar)
Jeremy O'Brien (Drums)

I have yet to seen them actually play :: tisk tisk :: on my end, however - now that both Billy and Max have been helping out the store in time for Halloween, they always recap how each show went! Sometimes if I'm lucky, and when Max isn't hiding sensors on me or in my hair, vise versa...I get to see extra videos. They men of this band defiantly are Metal for sure, especially with the use of Maine 'n Tail! [he he ha ha] They also know how to party! When Max isn't falling out of 10 feet high trees or biting into Kat's soul [Billy's Girl/ My co-worker]...he studies Law. Max has been playing the bass since the 4th grade. He also has informed me that music has been a growing passion throughout his family. Guillermo B, was Max's grandfather that he never knew. The only thing he did know was that his grandfather was an Italian gypsy living in Colombia that could sing and play like whoa! [FUN FACT: Colombian Soda rules! And regardless of what Max says, IT TASTES LIKE BUBBLEGUM!] Fortunately, Max's grandmother was able to share tapes of gigs his grandfather did. Guillermo B, stage name Billy Bedoya did some Spanish folk, swing and covers. As for Billy Kay, he is currently working on an independent film for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Yeah! Billy has been acting since a very young age. His mother was in the original cast of "The Sound of Music" Broadway actress Lynn Kay. You can google him or imdb to see what other movies and shows he was featured in! :: ohhh's ahhh's :: Hate that dude with the transforming toys/cars and makes out with only the most gorgeous girl ever? Not me, I love him - even though he does want to bag his own mother can see Billy beat on Shia Lebouff in the movie "The Battle of Shaker Heights"

Here is thier first Music Viedo :: the ultimate 80's metal tribute!

Check out WarHog at Arlene's Grocery, for free!, from 8:30PM-10PM! Or any of the other Mondays coming up from now till the end of November! Don't forget your head banging wigs, pyramid bracelets & nyon zebra spandex! Hars!

Also check them out on

+ \m/

Sunday, October 18, 2009

where did I put that darn remote?!

World of Warcraft is serious, but not this serious.

Oh, here is where I put it.


This crush is serious.

I was on the Hellz Bellz blog and found this video of Lykke Li. One I have not seen before. This should show you why I am in love with her.

Next up is a video I've seen a million times but still remain finding a new set of feelings towards it.

I Love her accent, it's perfect. Her eyes - that stare in the beginning, so captivating. I love her tiny hands and the suttle and graceful movements. Lykke Li can sing the same song a million different ways, still carrying out her original style/sound and make me love each version, true talent. This crush is serious.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Celebrity death match.

Obama V.S. Bush Sr.
(bontia) ___(Chandra)


Obama for the win.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


^ I'm personally adding you to VH1's "Tool Academy."

Along with former doucher Shawn, who just so happened to create a fashion line entitled Kung Fu Hero...based off his shitty happy trail tattoo. Your life is unfortunate....and so is that tattoo.

100 of these boxers have sadly been made. However, on a positive note, I can assure you that only 99 have probably been sold. Shawn being the only buyer, in hopes of self-promoting..then again, that's giving him too much credit. Shawn writes...typos and all...

"They are perfect athletic underwear and ad are sexy when your girl take your pants off after a game. They are also unique with their own design that takes your pants off their own design. The best part about these underwear is that thet have a hiddn inner condom pocket to assure safety and James Bond like suave with the girls check meaning of suave."


i'm gonna eat your brains & gain your knowledge.

- photo by Max S. Zombieland Facebook application skills!
. she will skin you out alive, all the children go grinding their jaws; the sweet smell of their toothless canals, and the damn she will break; make an ocean from this lake, as they siphon off all our blood .

words with weight.

I'm sick of people caring, when it's an appropriate time to 'care'.
What's filled in the space between then?
Save your hallmark patented emotions and baked goods
it's not your best quality.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter winners!

"Red Wing gets together with Ronnie Fieg of David Z. for the third straight year to work on the 877 8” classic. For this project they brought back the “Ashy Grey” leather, a successful collaboration from last fall, along with Red Wing’s most classic and recognizable colorway, the Oro Russet. Both boots come with two sets of laces including a leather option, and are both limited to 120 pairs priced at $290.00. They will be released at 10:00 am on Thursday October 15th at the David Z. flagship store as well as the web store" -
They look so badass yet, smooth......WINNERS!

Visvim 2009

:: singing :: "DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEEEEE?!" Above is the Visvim Fall/Winter 2009 Puma Pack - Beuys Trekker, Hockney Folk. "Better known for their subtle footwear, visvim leans itself a little further out of the window this season with their upcoming Puma Pack. The Beuys Trekker, a mid cut shoe, and the Hockney Folk both come in each two colorways, featuring the puma pattern all over the upper. The shoes were released in the Vogue Nippon x Comme des Garcons Magazine Alive pop-up retail space in Tokyo." Mids, cheetah print, boat shoes...dear God they are sharp!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I love everything about this:

In your heart of chambers where you sit
with your picture books and your ancient wit
In that nook I found you so old and tired
would you be the one to carry me?
I'd like to be someone you could finally learn to love again

Made our iron bed side cold as graves so we stoke the organs
that may comfort grace and they conjured spirits to make you smile would you be my long time baby?

I'd like to be someone you could finally learn to breathe
at our sides let's take the time to mend these smiles to get them could make it home love is surprises live our own lives

In our beds we're the lucky ones
filled with the sun
In our beds we're the lucky ones
fill us with the sun

:: Beach House - Heart of Chambers ::

the girl nextdoor is always screaming.

The Chelsea hotel in NYC, Room 100 is where it's said, Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy Spungen in 1978. Feed me cocktails, let's fall in love then end it all on the bathroom floor.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We still got it.

Found this photo while working ::
Ricky's staff agreed it that it features the following ::
From Left to Right:

First girl is Me mainly because I would forget my sunnies, I'm not paying attention, prob would say "Guys...Ang is SOOOOO annoying, LEMME TELL YOU SOMETHIN ABOUT MUH LIFE!" I have tube socks on and am wearing a bow in my hair with BANGS because of course Maria would have made it.

Second is Alex, in her Fake Ed Hardy's...semi bitch face on, prob mad at Sal even tho they don't break up when they say they are broken up..reddish/pink hair..just missing the sidekick and tha chi.

Next is Eileen. She would be wearing a dress with pearls and yelling, most likely at Alex and I or about taking photos. With her [rip] blond hair annnnd She's missing a shoe!

Then there's Chandra...this girl is a super model. And the 4th girl screams all that + she's the girliest out of all of us and is always well put together no matter what! annnnnd I'm not raciest and didn't this time make her the girl with tha fro!

And of course the last girl is MK. Sittin' sideways, G'd up, stunnahs with tha bandanna not givin an F, black by association...come on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

bare legg-ed ladies.

You might ask, "What's the common factor between Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Sienna Miller, Madonna PLUS Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Parda and Dolce & Gabbana"....the subtraction of Los pantalonies of course! Yup, that's right - once the weather gets warm again, it will be fashionable for women to wear panties as outerwear. This look was first established in 2007, now it is ever growing. Luckily, winter brings a good enough time gap to do all type of leg lunges, because this trend calls for toned legs! Designer's I mentioned above have all shown versions of panties-as-outerwear for Spring 2010. So don't throw away your lepoard leotard!

Kustum Kicks.

I stumbled upon these on (a site I read on tha daily for at least 2 years now, those ladies got the goods!) Andy Warhol x Marilyn Monroe....annnd they're NIKE AIR MAX 90's!
Got an idea? Check out SN Customs and make that shit happen! =]

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lyrically speaking

I'm not knocking your want to carry that home
Took it with you when you moved and got it broke
Found the pieces, we counted them all alone
Didn't add up, forgot to carry a zero
I can't be your apologist very long
I'm surprised that you'd want to carry that on
Count your blemishes you can't they're all gone
I can't see your response putting them back on
Like they're waiting for your guard to fall
So they can see it all
And you're so occupied with what other persons are occupied with
And vice versa
And you've become what you thought was dumb
A fraction of the sum
Yeah you've become Yeah you've all become a fraction of the sum
The middle and the front
And now it's coming back hasn't it come too far
I was trying to help but I guess I pushed too hard
And now we can't even touch it
Afraid it'll fall apart
:: built to spill ::


When is your daily dose of Bonita?

Joe begins his day with Bonita! Below is an email i recived & was heLLa happy about..

Joe writes:

Oh no! The blog ends in July!

PS: I’m madd jealous of you and your personal days.

I like your writing. Thanks for the link You’ve given me something to read on the way into work in the morning. I take the 6:25 in every day. Usually my train rides consist of watching an episode of Scrubs on my iPhone or staring out the window, trying not to fall asleep. I used to always sleep on the train. Then I found out I’m either all snorefest or I have full blown conversations with myself in my sleep. Now I live in fear. Can’t be all suited up and talking to yourself / snoring!

But yeah.
Bonita’s blog > Scrubs.
For real.
Asshat & Packrad Bell!
That says it all right there.

You don’t even know. I started cracking up so loud when I read that. On the 6:30am train. Eyes glared. People looked. Many judgments were made. Not gonna lie.

hoLLLLLER! + thanks! :o)