Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the closet thing to my heart.

Gasp! The cutest thing I ever stole! A red Nosed Pit bull full of love =]
Bryant brought this little guy out, only a few weeks old. I took care of him for the night, gave him the shirt off my back, wrapped him up and snuggled. I stopped drinking too hahahaha. real Mo'ish, but that was my baby! I stole him that night and couldn't let go. I even woke him up to have some water, he was thirsty but was too tired to figure out how to drink from a bottle, so I poured water in a cup and away his little tongue licked it all up and peacefully went back to sleep!

Cold Cheese pizza and graffiti

Lately, I've been running into people I haven't seen in ages, which is always fun. Last week I found Travis in town around 1:30 am, we shared beers and caught each other up till about 4 am. Today Travis and I met for Pizza...Little Vincent's of course! I got a slice with extra cold cheese added, oh god when it's fresh out of the oven, the extra cheese melts fast yet there is still some cold spots = perfection. Normally I order my signature; 2 slices, one plain and one with cold cheese. It's the perfect combination. I leave content with a full tummy but it a good way. My Love handles were mad they didn't get spoiled today but my new jeans were thankful. Any who we shot down to Special Sauce [ Side note- I'm sitting at my desk typing this and I glace over at a tag, which came off my Straight to Hellz jacket, it's the logo, a cracked bottle...but on it, is Special Sauce's price tag sticker, with an image that looks like this "§ SPECIAL SAUCE" it instantly reminded me of that stupid trick you can do if you hold the ALT button down on your keyboard and using the numbers on the side of your keyboard will create all those cool fonts and symbols...remember you use to always do them as a kid? Well, I did. But yee I was determined to find the double S looking one because that's what their price tag sticker made me think of.] My train of thought is always from left field. Sooooooo, with that said I fucked around with numbers on the side of my keyboard and...SUCCE§! Hars, get it?! Succe§..double S thingy?! MOVING ON....Travis and I went down to Special Sauce. Prior to walking into tha store, we both kind of said we've never been upstairs yet. In a matter of seconds, that all became a lie. We wound up seeing the upstairs of the shop. We saw what will soon be an Art Gallery and other goodies! It's current status is Under Construction...So Pete let Travis have at it and.....bomb! I took a few shots. Hate to break it to you Travis, but I got you on the internet, the aliens know where you're at! :) Now get a fucking Facebook!

Also, this Friday November 13th - Special Sauce will being having an in store event featuring 5 artist! Come through, show love and respect!

For additional info check tha spot :::