Wednesday, March 17, 2010

two time truthfuls.


maybe you would have been something i’d be good at.

March isn't the Month.

Did you listen to his stories

He had some stories that would change your life
This doesn't have to be the saddest day
We can always hold the brilliant memories
You're always on my mind
Turned from Tragedy
A source to draw from
A bloodline legacy
You showed me more than just these railways
It was your passion, and I learned that well
And forever, I'll keep your bloodline legacy
And you're always on my mind
This photograph, I'll carry to my grave
I never lost so much as I did that day
March 11, 2008 :: RIP GRANDPA ::


Rest in Peace Marie Van Bladel
MAY, 19TH, 1990 - MARCH-2010

See I will carry you through the hurricane waters

And I'll remember you in the blue skies
See I will carry you in the hurricane waters
And I'll remember you in the blue skies
Until we meet again
Until it's like it was
Until then
Until the answers start raining down
Until the skies open up until the trumpet sounds
Until then
Until the city and the country ain't divided
Until then
Until the spirit and the mind ain't fighting
Until the scenes of tomorrow and today finally play

I love you Marie, your beautiful soul will be turly missed.