Saturday, September 5, 2009


Mishka NYC released their Fall '09 collection "Born Under A Bad Sign" The first delivery is now available online @ The line features everything from flannel jackets to sweaters and 12 graphic tee's displaying Mishka's own twist of a Zodiac themed line. Due to Extra Butter; being your Daily Fresh joint & proudly carrying this brand, Jason and his team decided to their very own 2009 Look book. The team gathered up their extended fam and friends to represent each shirt & sign. In my personal opinion they KILLED IT! The Butter Fam, each smoother than the next [haha] are no stranger to getting shit done right while still having a goodtime! I was both honored and thrilled when I was asked to represent Aries and to be apart of this project. [FUN FACT: I'm an inner Astrology nerd] My job was to portray a deadly bad ass Aries image and be responsible to the kill of 2 fellow Aries Russel and Sycko! It was dooope! I discovered that Sycko just might be my favorite Aries, Russel too but, he doesn't have a Rat! So before I present the photos, I will end with a big Congratulations to the men @ Extra Butter! Well done:)

For More photos of the full shoot & more information check out:

+ Make sure you keep your eyes open of EB Movie nights!

Supreme = STRONG!

Supreme's fall/winter line just dropped in NY September 3rd, and it is STRONG! The collection consists of New era fitteds, hoodies, jackets, outerwear, endless tees...a collaboration with Disney, new decks, backpacks, beanies, suede footwear...all things needed to make this winter frosty! Even tho it's catered to men, I have a feeling, I will be belting some over sized T's and fitteds!
+ i'm thinkin' i need a Supreme dude ;]

i am t-pain!

the dude in the red shirt & the dude with tha pedofile beard are my favorite!