Thursday, January 20, 2011

this is what i label as 'dope' + space funk.

...light it and take a drive with. The beat. Thats where my head is found.

being my friend involves: brain tweakers

Randomly at 12:00 at night I texted a random selection of people asking them to "Name a song right now..." Some took it literal and gave me current hits on the radio, while others gave me funny, bizzarre, random, wildest songs. Some gave reasons why the chose it. Some cheated and gave more than one. It made me laugh to see what everyone chooses and who chose what. It also made me laugh to see how each person took that question. I got to learn a lot about certian people and see where their heads are at. I know some real fucks! :) And Some are even gonna make it to the ipod!

Brien McCarthy said - Put it down on me - 50
Jaime C - Baby got back - Sir Mix A lot
Joe Lee - All you need is love - the beatles
Cassel - Wild Thing - Jimi Hendrix
Grace - Pretty girl rock - Kery Hilson
Sycko- Pretty girl rock - Kery Hilson
Tj- i need a dollar - aloe blacc
Jon Clue- Transylvanian Hunger
Carolyn- Barnacles - Ugly Casanova
Rick p- hahaha umm Fire Work - Katy Perry....where did that come from and where have you been all my life?  i said it cause it was the last song i heard on the radio i swear im not gay haha"
Caroll- Gone till Novemeber - wyclef
Nils- Your Touch - The Black Keys
Bj and Chad- Achilles Last Stand -led Zeppelin
Mike Dirt-  "Dig up her bones- The Misfits. Whats with the back from the dead call?"
- also "Une San Lumiere" - Arcade Fire
get ready: "for real" - Okkervil River,
 "Love Burns" - B.R.M.C
Take you on a cruise- Interpol
"love will tear us apart- Joy Division
"Torches Together" - MewithoutYou
"Twilight" - The Raveonettes
"Maps" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"bloc party"- This Modern love
"remind me" - Royskopp
Meazy said - " Getting jiggy with it" - Will Smith , I just played it at the bar on the juxebox it gets everyone jumping.
Johnny p- Warmth - Incubus
Cinematic - Umm The Xx remix of "you've got the love"....why?
Brooklyn Steve- A violent yet beautiful world - Au Revoir Simone
Twang One- Can we still be friends - Todd Rundgren
Sevo- he was knocked out.
Natlie- Crazy - Areosmith
Lexi- first that comes to mind is, Say My Name - Destinys Child

+ Thanks for contributing to the maddness!