Wednesday, March 2, 2011

owner of a (broken) haircut:

owner of a (broken<3) haircut: is really what i mean but HTML won't let me. but solve my riddle.

today i got a haircut. No, a literal haircut. with layers.
if you know me at all, you first hand know- i don't get my haircut and in the off sense i DO, (usually occurring every 3 years) it never  makes a difference. But today....i got a haircut? and to be honest it still, never made a difference. In fact now, i feel like an idiot with a haircut. Haircuts are stupid and make you have false assumptions on people you think are cool. The act of getting our hair done is so belittling. We've created yet another mindless judgement system off of something so dumb as a....follicle. I feel like this could be an episode of a children's comic book lesson. BECAUSE I'M A COMIC BOOK KID!

However, my hair does feel and look healthy, and i get that stance. It still is stupid. How(how)ever,
my gal, Rebecca (not bootin' ya yet) did a good job! So, if you think i'm an idiot- go get did by her at Supercuts, in the ton. She'll be one shoulder shruggin to the tunes while yelling "I quit!".

And well, it would only  be right if i end it with a current hit-

"Some of the biggest mistakes in my life have been haircuts."
- Jim Morrison