Monday, June 14, 2010


Be sure to Welcome my good friend Joe Lee to Blogging!
Check him out over at

Joe Lee is has a good soul.
One of the most interesting people I know.
Hell of a guy.
We don't see each other too much, because he's all over the world.
And I am here, not hitting on the bookstore of a babe. (hars!)
But he still sends texts every week, emails, pictures the whole deal.
I don't really remember how we met, but I know the first time we we're introduced
a friendship was born based off our out of control ness.
Joe was there to witness my 14 years ago bike inccident.
No. not the legit crime scene.
The actual story that gets me the most livid.
Dumb brothers.
That was our defining moment.
I think every conversation we have, ends with me telling him to donate blood
becuase this world needs more people like Joe.
I'm just saying, if you are here, then you should add a new tip to your life.
+Joe Lee!


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