Saturday, September 19, 2009

differently the same.

Don't mistake my quietness for shyness; the quality of your personality is the volume control to mine.
your demon like character; disguised as good, has portrayed the image of not having put enough thought into your costume. And i hope you stand seething with guilt. The silence you project, only justifies this act of cowardice. The look stapled on your face cries out for forgiveness, the one thing that I cannot give. With no last kiss & no regrets; So say no more, your empty words are differntly the same. you don't deserve good bye.

with you.

There's something in your ways,
that makes me wanna stay here for a thousand years
So just cry your fears, yeah, I need you everyday
Inside you I just want to wipe away your fears
So just cry your tears yeah

I wish I was with you

If I stay, well than your tears will set you free
If I stay right here and forever with you
Everything I feel for you, is everything I want to stay with you
If I stay right here, and forever with you

My eyes, my eyes

This is tearing me apart, I wish I could be in your soft arms
Feel you again, anytime I feel like I'm to far
Than I will try to remember all ours, and, your memories I know

I wish I was in you

If I stay, well then your tears will set you free
If I stay right here than forever with you
Everything I feel for you, is everything I want to stay with you
If I stay right here, than forever with you

My eyes, my eyes
My eyes, my eyes

Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara

Yoshitomo Nara, another artist I'm truly obsessed with. Nara’s work has captured the attention of the international art world and his cartoon-like girl images with characteristic big heads, chubby-faces and slanted eyes have become icons of the artist’s style. His drawings being almost so simple is what really draws me to love his work. "Traveling With Yoshitomo Nara" is a documentary follows the Japanese modern artist’s life journey, from London to Bangkok, as he travels to present exhibitions and workshops. It is the creative process and how he tapped the talents of many fellow artists to help bring this exhibition to life. The people, the experience, and the works of art all come together in this film.

It's finally here, but I can't find it yet =[

B Side Love, always

A shameless return to the glistening, sex-saturated synth-pop revisionist duo = Chromeo! Formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of Audio Research consist of Dave 1<3 lead vocals/gitar and P-Thug on keyboards, synthesizers and talk box. Regaurdless of my ever growing crush on Dave...I'm in love with their sound. Former childhood friends with a completely different look and style, come toegther and rock it. Above is an interview discussing their first DJ mix, and the first DJ-Kicks release in two years. It also includes their late exposure to quality electronic music, an email which convinced Trevor Jackson to do the album cover, [all thier album covers are dope] and what their cover of “I Can’t Tell You Why” has in common with a number of Hall & Oates hit.
Chromeo's DJ Kicks Cd releases September 28th!

Needy Girl ++
Call me up
Mama's Boy +
Bonifide Lovin' +++
Tenderoni ++