Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rusted Root!

+ Current favorite, again.

Welcome back Modest Mouse.

The once rained out show rescheduled for yesterday was a sucess! Such a good show - Isaac Brock  is the lead singer, guitarist, banjoist, and songwriter of Modest Mouse and is the brains of the band. He is such a weirdo! So much talent, that was even more present when seeing them live. He is so dreamy on the banjo.
Anywho, here's a few flicks:

. good tunes and good sitting grass .
. i has dimples yo .
. favorite picture of us taken, we look like funny liddo creatures! .
. ground hair .
. lights .


. good eats - fesitval foods .
. Marshall Tucker Band .
. buffed teeth! .
. explosions in the sky .
. Weeping Willow fireworks are my favorite! .
. !!! .
. A sacred night, where we'll watch the fireworks .
.matching: gray hoodies, left side braids, dangling earrings, jeans and moccasins...unintentional.

. differently the same .
. stepping stones .
. Our spot for countless years now .
. This sky, too, is folding under you. And it's all over now, Baby Blue .
. greens .
. sad docks .
. personal favorite .
. inviting? .
. out of focus daisy fields .
. our thrift shop ugly sweater party .

the good times are killing me.

I've been having such wonderful days. Over the weekend I took a trip back home to CT.
Spent much needed time with my dear friend Lisa. It's amazing how similar we are - and how we are able to go back to the way things have always been between us despite the distance. I've never known another with a warmer heart such as hers. My whole time spent was filled with laughs and good times. Made me feel real honored to have such a great soul as my best friend. Lisa is the one person I can truly say knows me better than I know myself. The minute I got there, we were already matching...freaky!  We went Downtown Danbury and checked out "The Taste Of Danbury" where the Marshall Trucker Band played. A sure home for the two of us, in our glory. They were seriously great - so much significance. The next day we spent the morning giggling in the attic and watching Joey putt holes in ones(?) Ate at Bagel Man, home of the BEST morning foods. We went thrift shopping where I got the most awesome stuff! I spent a total of $14.00 on: the best Indian sweater, off the shoulder poncho that I am truly obsessed with! It has a huge pocket on one side, fringe and is the MOST comfortable...I need the cold weather! I bought a scarf, another grandpa vest this time with beads and another sweater. I also got my old Photography camera back while I was visiting! It's a Konica Minolta Maxxum 70 all film camera - truly a gem. After shopping we stopped by our old dock by my old house we used to chill at. Shot some pictures, sat, talked. Relived old times for a bit. We then went to my favorite spot to eat in all of CT. It's a little place called "Texas Taco" I wish I could have taken pictures, but RoseMary frowns upon such. Also, the minute you get through the bizarre landscape, the front door reads "No Photos!" A big ol' slap in the face i really wanted to type "slap of de bass mon!" Umm...Yeah, it's a small 3 roomed place that is one big acid trip. With huge black and white checkered floors, an a collection of everything you could ever imagine thrown around on the walls - it really is an organized mess. There is so much art and creativeness, that you are literally overwhelmed by all of it. But the way RoseMary designed everything, you could tell was really thought out...even though it is all RANDOM AS FUCK. Lisa and I felt the best way to describe it is, one big "I SPY ROOM." I forgot to mention the live monkey that was once apart of the atmosphere. That changed. Now there's a taking Parrot.
The food is great, well...the 4 options you can choose from. I always get the burritos. Scrumptious. I forgot it even talk about Rosemary. You can literally read her story on the wall - but she is an older lady, I want to say upper 50's...purple hair, crazy brows and make up...coolest clothes and jewelry! She started her business just selling Taco's in NYC with her cart and blue hair....the cart is on the front lawn of the place. As time went on (I'm giving the most half assed story) her business grew and became famous for her tacos. A restaurant later and now a little 3 roomed place she is still doing her thing! Later we got Dunkachino's - again, haven't had that in years and boy was it delish! All the little things made our day so great, we kept laughing and saying how much we ruled. From the food to the weather...everything was just so simple and great. We've never been much to please. With the sun going down and my energy fading, my stay came to an end.
:(. When I got home, Mama had a bowl of warm potato soup waiting for me. What a perfect ending to a perfect day! :)

+ pictures to follow!