Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a sample of my brain...

- My fingers are literally tired of the use of typing.

+ Why do dentist try talking to you when your mouth is being drilled in, sucked in?

- My kitchen/den area is spooky at night and the fact that my grandpa died in there is a big friggin factor so it causes me to have  a special OCD walk I do at night: I literally walk the outter part of the room and make sure i step on the rug by the front door because in my head i created a 'saftey zone' like you have in freeze tag.

- I hate when my feet dangle off my bed.

+ Why is putting sheets on the bed the most obnoxious thing in the world?! it's one of those twisted little nothings that make twitch.

+ Who pulls the lever to close the bus door when the driver has to get off?! Fucking right though?!!

- Crusty elbows will make me have an instant anxiety attack.

- I'm my most funniest when i'm forced to entertain myself while i'm driving alone. I literally find myselff shocking thyself! Hysterically laughing at myself..sometimes its too much fun being me.

 - I sleep with two pillows - my head goes between both like ham does on bread. Lord only knows why.

Hey Dad-

you would be so proud of  the you in me now.

+ Roria.