Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eco Sexy

Stript, a alternative brand of beauty that caters to purity and product safety. An all natural and vegan line of make up that does away with parabens, artificial oils and fragrances! This line samples ingredients such as JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE, GREEN TEA, SHEA BUTTER and COTTON, you are bound to have flawless and pure skin! From their animal fur-free applicator brushes to their Eco friendly packing: biodegradable packing materials, written with soy ink...this line is legit! I should know, I only unpacked their entire line and set display up and then played! Stript is now available at

Here's a sample of how the make up looks on:
(After a 6 hour shift haha bare with me...)
Eyes: I Mixed colors VENUS, EVE & JASMINE & blended underneath.
Face: LIGHT MEDIUM WARM mineral foundation
Lips: Nada. Rockin' tha shade I was born with ;]
Cheeks: Mixture of DEVINE & BELLA, dulled down.

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