Sunday, June 6, 2010


you are drawing me to you
this is your art

i am drawn

i drew a blank
and i think
it may be
the best thing
i've ever drawn

+ Saul Williams (changed my life.)

world within the world a saying Kat and I have. We literally have our own world within the world we know.

."Doors Jim Lives!" Someone wrote this on a wall near my house...long live the Lizard King!.
through the fields which disappear
                                                     soon after they appaer  because nature has a way
                                                    of changing the same way it remains.
                                                              . underneath and unexplored.

.when the sun descends into its darker side, who will gather my served pieces?.
                               i live
                               in a beautiful home
                              with no natural light.

. Our Tradition, Our Staple, Our SigNATURE .

. as living cargo they journey to the moon risen sea to your ear. many will not make it. i am shore.

. this blows my mind .

i bottle emotions and place them
into the sea for others
to unbottle on distant shores.
.bondies that held such odd forms.

.she breaths clouds of mystery and when the mystery is gone, so is the fire.

.I'm just a three-eyed boy, Looking for a twelve-toed girl.

.it is your freedom
that I love
i have not yet
learned to love
without holding on.

. we are capsules of energy .

.Never Eat Soggy Waffles.