Monday, September 28, 2009


First day back on the scenes usually are rough. Sometimes I needa pick me up, a little I make my Monday a Misfits Monday! You can catch me jamming with my FIEND FACE on, roar!...always sets me up for a good day.
- Die Die My Darling!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

new music.

D-UP :: AESOP ROCK, with the iLL video.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

If I die before you, the reader...

please carry out my one and only wish....

I want my grave to read
"I have Stepped out, Be back in 15 Minutes."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new found love.

Paris, Rome, holding hands, running, dancing, purple tights, beards, punches, silly dance moves, site seeing, laughter, hobo bag, kisses, photography, traveling, trains, white sheets, swans, luggage, stripes, sky scrappers, jumps, swinging, shuffle, scarves, dress, love, adventure, fashion, steps, sand, water, parks...would it be selfish to say, I want all this?!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


-photo credit K.C.

off balance.

off set.

off beat.

off key.

off center.

off track.

and yet, my vision of perfection.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

differently the same.

Don't mistake my quietness for shyness; the quality of your personality is the volume control to mine.
your demon like character; disguised as good, has portrayed the image of not having put enough thought into your costume. And i hope you stand seething with guilt. The silence you project, only justifies this act of cowardice. The look stapled on your face cries out for forgiveness, the one thing that I cannot give. With no last kiss & no regrets; So say no more, your empty words are differntly the same. you don't deserve good bye.

with you.

There's something in your ways,
that makes me wanna stay here for a thousand years
So just cry your fears, yeah, I need you everyday
Inside you I just want to wipe away your fears
So just cry your tears yeah

I wish I was with you

If I stay, well than your tears will set you free
If I stay right here and forever with you
Everything I feel for you, is everything I want to stay with you
If I stay right here, and forever with you

My eyes, my eyes

This is tearing me apart, I wish I could be in your soft arms
Feel you again, anytime I feel like I'm to far
Than I will try to remember all ours, and, your memories I know

I wish I was in you

If I stay, well then your tears will set you free
If I stay right here than forever with you
Everything I feel for you, is everything I want to stay with you
If I stay right here, than forever with you

My eyes, my eyes
My eyes, my eyes

Traveling with Yoshitomo Nara

Yoshitomo Nara, another artist I'm truly obsessed with. Nara’s work has captured the attention of the international art world and his cartoon-like girl images with characteristic big heads, chubby-faces and slanted eyes have become icons of the artist’s style. His drawings being almost so simple is what really draws me to love his work. "Traveling With Yoshitomo Nara" is a documentary follows the Japanese modern artist’s life journey, from London to Bangkok, as he travels to present exhibitions and workshops. It is the creative process and how he tapped the talents of many fellow artists to help bring this exhibition to life. The people, the experience, and the works of art all come together in this film.

It's finally here, but I can't find it yet =[

B Side Love, always

A shameless return to the glistening, sex-saturated synth-pop revisionist duo = Chromeo! Formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of Audio Research consist of Dave 1<3 lead vocals/gitar and P-Thug on keyboards, synthesizers and talk box. Regaurdless of my ever growing crush on Dave...I'm in love with their sound. Former childhood friends with a completely different look and style, come toegther and rock it. Above is an interview discussing their first DJ mix, and the first DJ-Kicks release in two years. It also includes their late exposure to quality electronic music, an email which convinced Trevor Jackson to do the album cover, [all thier album covers are dope] and what their cover of “I Can’t Tell You Why” has in common with a number of Hall & Oates hit.
Chromeo's DJ Kicks Cd releases September 28th!

Needy Girl ++
Call me up
Mama's Boy +
Bonifide Lovin' +++
Tenderoni ++

Thursday, September 17, 2009


. only when i say yes, . . admit you fucked it up .

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey ladies! Get [funky] FRESH!

At it again, Extra Butter has brought in new Air Jordans...for the Ladies! With a mix of pebbled leather and pink patent, you are guaranteed to be the freshest this school year! I put the new fat/phat tongue to the test, result: EXTRA COMFY! Jason & I both agreed the the interior design is bomb!

I know those Legs!

For additional items/pictures check out::

ef ay be oh el oh you es

I'm vibin; Fabolous, pushin' out Lil' Wayne. I had enough of Drake & Weezy. I hate to be that person sounding like "oh blah I was up on them years ago"... Well I was, so all your "new" is my "old" and fuck it, Fabo is lyrically better than Weezy. Yeah, I said it. I mean don't get it twisted, I loved Lil wayne back in tha days of Cash Money Records & Hot boys..But Fabo is tough. Ha, this can either go one of two ways; You're either reading this and understanding orrrr you're getting hot! I'm just tired of that mixtape bullshit, after a while it all sounds the same. And I'm real tired of the remakes of old songs. Let that shit be. Like how does Wayne go remaking an original Nina Simone song such as "Feeling Good" Wayne samples the hook in his song "Birds flying High" Yeah I get it, it calls for a good sound but it's way too drastic of two totally different sounds and ages. To me, thats like taking a good movie and then adding squeal after sequel...that you end up hating the movie because you know nothing can top the original. Even in simple form Lil Wayne x Nina Simone, doesn't sound right. It's like dunking Oreo's in Orange Jucie...just aint gonna work. Is this hitting home at all? I hope so. I'm sayin, Fabolous really has never let me down, where as some of Lil Wayne's moves has made me shake my head. Well maybe I shouldn't be blaming Weezy after all.....maybe I should shift my anger towards The Hoff.

....Are you serious America?!

Ghost messin' with a skee wee!


That Newnew off Ghost's new ablum Wizard of Poetry.


Sit down kanye..sit down.

+ Fresh jive going in on Mr. West, with a shirt that reads "Kanye is a whiny Bitch" How do you feel now?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Sauce(y)

Friday morning, my cell goes off playing "The Roots"....on the other end was Nessa! "OMG! I Kick ass! hahaha, We got the new Hellz and Stussy and tassles and leggings and grommets Oh! My!" Soo, I went shopping. I'm convinced Nessa is the source of my HellzBellz addition. We played dress up. Nessa dressed me up in all the new items from Hellz Bellz "Style Warriors 09" end all. Hellz says the collection is a "Drawing upon cross-cultural sophistication, and a diverse, Aztec-inspired color story, ‘Style Warriors’ truly embodies the aspirations of iconoclast women." The collection is serious, so many great pieces..funky as well! We threw pieces together, mixed and matched, 'yay-ed' & 'nay-ed', accessorized(sp?)..over all had a fun time! I ended up buy the Hellz Boyfriend Tee, inspired by the Elle Magazine. I absolutely love the cut of it, it can be worn off the shoulders and/or belted! I plain to wear it with a set of ripped thights and combat boots, something like how they featured it in their line. I also bought the most fabulous Hi-waisted leggings. They are pretty bonkers and demand attention. Last I bought a grommet vest from Stussy..I haven't found it on the website yet - but it's excellent! Some ladies feel "sexy" in nothing...a little black dress, or perhaps lingerie...for's ANYTHING from HellzBellz. The fit is always just right, the graphics...on point & can be rocked several different ways. Hands down it's the best line for women.


Kate Mo(ss)DE

Kate Moss for YSL Parisienne Fragrance. yum. Recognize that song? You friggin' better it's Depeche Mode called “I Feel You”. yum yum!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

less than 3

. i drink coffee like water
. and still never know what to say
. i still don't even know how to get out of
. bed half the time it's not pretty nor endearing
. i whisper your scerets, i am still looking to be saved
. sometimes i am too weak, sometimes i am too strong,
. here you go; i'll give you everything for one last time, last chance
. my heart is ugly, but it could be yours

. you're in my web now .

:: Cursive - "The Recluse" ::

cliche hearts.

Science v.s. Nature

I've always wanted to own a shitty, big ass Ford Bronco, covered in mud, manual roll down windows and I don't really know why. Well, maybe because that was my dads ride, he's a real country guy. And when I would see him I would fight for the front seat, because I was able to work the cassette player, AC/DC was always on. When I didn't hear them, the rattling of the POS was the main sound, but it was a good sound(?) Meaning, the sound of shit [about to fall off] brought a smile to my face, god only knows why. But, he always made smoking a cigarette in this car bad ass. And the mud was just the right amount. And the amount of times I hit my head jumping up to get into tha car and hop in the back was endless, or how many times "ANG" would shove the seat back in place BEFORE I was done getting in. Therefore, the seat that he was pushing on, was litterally shoving me in the backseat, obviously I lost at "shotty." (Eileen can you hear my YOUR SO ANNOYING WITH YOUR BIKE ANG! voice?") I don't know where this blog is going, nor was it the topic of what i was intentually going to write about...oh well, I'm going to roll with it. But not just anyone could drive a crappy, run down Bronco. It takes character, followed with an image of someone with rough hands; working hands. See, my dad lives the twigs. What I used to say, "Where the Blair Witch was filmed" so he was constantly working outdoors, no matter the season or weather. Always filthy. Always diggin' up something, building something, burning fires, cutting his 14 acres of property with a friggin' weedwacker. Always made me laugh, because it normally took him 2 days + to finish. I would lap him when I drove the quads, drive by and laugh, he was cutting in the same area. He fits the "Bronco image" to a T. Now that I touch base on this, I don't think I am ready for it. In my defense, he did ALWAYS put me to work. I probably took down and cut down more trees than the average girl. If I wasn't cutting trees down, I was hunting....of course not shooting animals! I was lugging all the equipment while daddy-o made me go on hour long hikes while I threw deer dumps at him. I loved the hikes though. He was/is a science teacher, so he knew all weirdo facts...fact: he is a weirdo. He always thought new lessons on hikes. Showed me what I could eat from growing plants. I remember this one plant, you split it and it smells like Winter fresh gum. I called it the "Winter fresh plant" because I was such an original thinker back then. Miles away from my dads Log cabin', because after all...."WE are in the country" that's all he ever said! OK, miles away...deep in these woods, there was always something new. No matter how many times we've trailed through the woods...I would always find crazy old antiques, old glass bottles, once bullets, an old shack and this dope iron gate. It was beautiful and stood high. The ONLY thing that wasn't new, were the rock walls. Evey so often, hiking through the woods, you'd see rock walls. I was once taught a lesson about the land, although I must have been a bad listener because I forgot..that or i was too busy trying to find a good hiking stick. Those are well needed. You need a stick for support and to dig into the ground when your going up hill or to trip your dad. But Rock walls and land... I think it had something to do with Indians and the time of war. The rock walls served as protection and their share of the land. That's all I remember. The best feeling in the world just might be, sitting in a tree and watching deers eat. It really is so peaceful and cute at the same time. How anyone can shoot them is beyond me. Although, they do make for some good ass meat. I'm sorry. It was a one time deal. Even when they would run off, putting their tails up, showing the white end on the tail ment they were scared and sensed something around them. God knows I wasn't able to be quite and sit in one spot longer than 5 mins in those trees. So off they would run, white tail up and all. Bye bye Bambi. Once we got closer to home, I was now leader of the hike. My dad use to make me navigate which is a joke itself. Everyone knows i am HORRIBLE with my sense of direction, go figure, I can find my way out of the woods like a boss. Oddly enough, I used landmarks...even though everything in the woods looks the same, dirt, trees, poop, animals and rocks. Once we got to our property, it was tradition like to go into what we called "coolie dipping pond." It was a stream that turned into a pond, that at first, you can only dip your butt into tha water, but then you travel up stream and you are able to swim! And trust me, you wanted to swim. I used to be called "Mall Girl" when I was younger, that was because I was a New Yorker. Pops really doubted I had what it takes to get down and dirty. When I got a little older, I earned my name as "Nature Woman." He used to call me that because I did in fact, like to get dirty. Catch fish and frogs with my hands. Swim in ponds. Squish my feet in the mud. Shower out doors. Sleep outside. He was so good at teaching me about the stars. I think he tought me to love Astrology honestly. A fire was built and beside it we sat on logs looking up at the stars, flash lights as pointers. Feeding me "quite food" which was Hersey chocolate bars. That always got me to shut up, still does. It's weird to think, outdoors and nature can shape you into a person. It totally has for me. Although my outer layer gives off the cupcake dress wearing type, the inner me is adventurous tomboy-like explorer. NY isn't much of a playground for me. Nor is my dad much of a teacher anymore. I miss those days, and I miss that dad. I'll keep the best; as the present image. Remember when I said I want a bronco? Add log cabin' to the list.

. It needs to be dirty and more hooptie to own my heart, but I still got love.

+ My dad lives in Rhinebeck and before the cold weather comes, I've been considering taking a drive up there. It's a little over 3 hours long of a ride. But the town is absolutely gorgeous and filled with history. A great place to capture amazing photos. Let me know it you are interested!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pursuit of Happiness, doh.

I previously blogged about Kid Cudi, releasing his new album "Man on the moon: End of day” and how much i dug the track "She Came Along." However, his other single is “Pursuit of Happiness” featuring RATATAT and MGMT = AMAZING. In my head, shit like this never happens and is almost too good to be true. Ratatat is my favorite indie producers and whats dope is, they finally got back up and did this new track with Cudi, still sounding like themselves, reminding me why I fell in love with them in the first place. annnnnd that's a big run on sentence on my part. Ratatat makes me swing both ways, i either throw a solo dance party in my room/car or twist up the stress-oh-la and drive to a chill spot and draw. I don't blaze anymore, but still enjoy them thoroughly. I've actually played "Loud Pipes" by Ratatat and drew to the beat/ drawing was some crazy abstract piece with neon colors and dots and dashes and slashes and some other cool rhyming words that I currently cant think of. That was when I was cool and actually sat down to i just doodle, if that. In conclusion...Ratatat is awesome, and you should be just as awesome and check their sound out. MGMT is just as good. Their videos are bugged out kinda, but dope. So I'm going to read "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius" by Dave Eggers while you download these tracks:

Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi, MGMT and Ratatat
Alive - Kid Cudi and Ratatat
Loud Pipes - Ratatat
Seventeen years - Ratatat
The youth - MGMT
Electric Feel - MGMT
Kids - MGMT

enjoy +

hi-top hellz

I fed you the first HellzBellz x Vans collab, now here's the other HellzBellz x Reebox collab....

Touch me in the morning and walk away....god dayum these are perfect! Laced up high with mellow yellow laces, equipped with studs, and a top down combo. Not only that but a insole with a inspiring “I’m ten steps ahead of you” hurts so good.


OBEY x “His Airness”

Graffiti artist and founder of the Obey brand, Shepard Fairey [my man!] honors Michael Jordans induction to the NBA Hall Of Fame. It is said that Fairey will be doing a series of similar posters, each displaying Jordans finest moments. Need a refreshing? Here's Mj's stats: 5 league MVP’s, 3 All Star game MVP’s, 6 NBA Finals MVP’s, 10 All-NBA selections, 9 All-Defensive selections, 14 All Star game appearances, 10 scoring titles, 6 Championships, 2 Olympic gold medals, & NBA records for highest scoring percentage during regular season AND playoffs.

who said Mj died this year?!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Wu

GhostFace on a Gweneth Paltrow tip?! Only for the Wizard Of Poetry album.

I'm feelin' it


Monday, September 7, 2009

The September Issue.

Considering it is fashion week, I decided to see "The September Issue." It's a documentary based upon Vogue's editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and her team, ruling the world of fashion. The September Issue is an A&E indie flick, screening in smaller theaters. Anna Wintour is one of,, the most recognized fashion icons. Anna was the inspiration behind them movie "The Devil Wears Prada." She is known as "Ice Woman" for her cold stares and cruel remarks. The short film captures her true to form. She is a beast! Creative director, Grace Coddington another genius behind Vogue, showed what its like working with Anna. Even though Grace, nicest of the two, with a soulful side to the somewhat superficial fashion industry. ...was still bad ass. Though, she took in Anna's demands and opinions, Grace agreed to disagree many times, even stepping on toes going against the beasts words. I'd vomit and die.

The Film provides a glimpse into a world many dream about but few see. Anna, owning & seeing every inch of it.

"I'm working on my Anna Face!" - Natalie
[after clownin' on her, she tried to get us shook!]

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Mishka NYC released their Fall '09 collection "Born Under A Bad Sign" The first delivery is now available online @ The line features everything from flannel jackets to sweaters and 12 graphic tee's displaying Mishka's own twist of a Zodiac themed line. Due to Extra Butter; being your Daily Fresh joint & proudly carrying this brand, Jason and his team decided to their very own 2009 Look book. The team gathered up their extended fam and friends to represent each shirt & sign. In my personal opinion they KILLED IT! The Butter Fam, each smoother than the next [haha] are no stranger to getting shit done right while still having a goodtime! I was both honored and thrilled when I was asked to represent Aries and to be apart of this project. [FUN FACT: I'm an inner Astrology nerd] My job was to portray a deadly bad ass Aries image and be responsible to the kill of 2 fellow Aries Russel and Sycko! It was dooope! I discovered that Sycko just might be my favorite Aries, Russel too but, he doesn't have a Rat! So before I present the photos, I will end with a big Congratulations to the men @ Extra Butter! Well done:)

For More photos of the full shoot & more information check out:

+ Make sure you keep your eyes open of EB Movie nights!

Supreme = STRONG!

Supreme's fall/winter line just dropped in NY September 3rd, and it is STRONG! The collection consists of New era fitteds, hoodies, jackets, outerwear, endless tees...a collaboration with Disney, new decks, backpacks, beanies, suede footwear...all things needed to make this winter frosty! Even tho it's catered to men, I have a feeling, I will be belting some over sized T's and fitteds!
+ i'm thinkin' i need a Supreme dude ;]

i am t-pain!

the dude in the red shirt & the dude with tha pedofile beard are my favorite!

Friday, September 4, 2009

money talks.


+ enjoy your Labor Day weekend!