Tuesday, July 13, 2010

where i'm at.

+ It's a rainy boring Tuesday that has left me with a stolen GPS and tuna fish and chips. Someone stole my gps right from my car in my driveway. I'm not going to look at is as something negative. In fact it's only going to give me growth...I never pay attention when I drive. I am forever getting lost within the same 5 roads I take everyday basically. I have no sense of direction to the point its the most funny. Someone once said to me recently too..."Your sense of direction is like your sense of humor!" I immediately laughed, its so mean yet so good, i love when things are like that. So from here on out, my humor sucks and I will be wearing my glasses and paying attention and navigating myself around. Expect anxious phone calls. DOOMED. Also...tuna fish and chips are so key rainy days. hahahaha i was about to write FOOD FOR THOUGHT! hahahaha. i am funny.

+ Im also here in my bed eating tuna and chips and watching "Fantastic Planet" ever so stoned. It's some crazy Sci-fi.....NOT SYFY fuck you for changing your TV logo to something so dumb. It's a Sci-fi movie that is in all French sub titles and animation. I found it while I was tearing my room apart. I haven't watched this movie in so long. I think if whoever ever watched this with me, i'd marry them right on the spot. No one watches science movies with me and I do it more than not. I wish I had someone like that. Just sit here...not talk to me...just watch. Whatever. MF DOOM samples a beat from a clip of the movie. Its from some bugged out scene with coconut things falling and making a cretin noise (boom boom boom booom boom!) Doom uses the sample in the song "Come on feet" I'm filled with randumbs that will get no where. But check this movie out if you dig trippy, witty politically & culturally subversive type stuff. It's awesome stoned. I have a series of art from age 16 that I've drawn from this movie that I'll later post. I fell in love with the "insightful message wrapped up in a colorful artistic style."

+ Kat and I have an on going joke that one day we are going to go to jail because of how we dance and do crazy weird things in public that most people would assume we are on LSD when we get together. I can't even begin to explain what it is we do because is a whole act within itself....but it dayum sure is funny. Leaving us in constant tears and the hardest of laughs. We even picture what the outside world thinks of us when we are doing these acts and physically cant stop. We actually even tried to think of what they would say or what we would be known as and all I can remember was something like this.....

Kat and I could be the two girls known as:

the girl who always wears a bun and glasses and closed shoes cuz she hates her feet [k]

the girl that never brushes her two toned hair and always does an Indian rain dance (B)

the girls who park in the middle of an empty parking lot and in front of a random home and

just spark a joint [k]&(b)

the girl who always empties out her whole entire car in the garbage after she gets starbucks [k]

the girl who loves the stars but gets too stoned to remember they are out (B)

the girls with broken backs and necks but continue to move and shake like they are fine [k]&(b)

the girls that drive around with sunglasses on thinking they are in Woodstock [k]&(b)

the girls that go into bars and have everyone doing the LAND HO! dance move. [k]&(b)

the girls that look like lezbos but aren’t that share each others food and pay for each other [k]&(b)

- We can't remember the rest but we went back and forth like this for 30 mins hysterically laughing.

We seriously have the most fun doing nothing. We always say we are going to make videos because we are so sure there aren't a closer set of friends that do or say half the shit we do.

+ I can not stop playing everything and anything by The Doors, Fleet Foxes, The Shines, The Strokes, Kevin Devine, Vampire Weekend, Le Loup, The Smiths, Built to Spill and Modest Mouse. That's all I’ve been listening too.

funny (w)hoo-haa's!

+ How young can you die from old age?
+ I was looking in my fridge, picked something out that said "Expiration date 2012" - well sure!
+ "Déjà vu, all over again"
+ "Broker than I thought I was."

The first two are my own. Equally all made me step back a second and laugh. Oh the little things.