Monday, July 27, 2009


Alex Pardee, done did again! Not only does he have a new gallery coming soon "frolicking nightmares" but he killed it with his art work for Cage's new album "Depart from Me." Shit is honestly dope. I absolutely love Pardee's style, his stuff is almost lively. Big time fan. Cage's album dropped July 7th, if you don't already have it; stop reading this and get going! "I Never Knew You" is one of my favorite tracks featured on tha CD. Shia LaBeouf directed this video and also represents Cage as a teenager. It also features other Definitive Jux artists like: Yak Balls, Aesop Rock & El-P.

"Im so in over my head I've learned to breathe in it
Your eyes are screaming and you're saying "no baby" to me
If there was a way out I think you would've taken it.
My hands and arms are the only way that you can leave
Face to face for the first time, you feel what I'm feeling..
Selfishly no longer breathing because of me."

Check out his other work as well...


Show your teeth New York

. you'll be surprised at all or what little joy in the world
seems suddenly simple and endlessly yours .