Friday, September 10, 2010

webcammin' wonders.

. my wizard fingers .
. hand picked songs for my dearest friend in CT! .
. a horrible look, and a book from Joe! .
. parallel .
. my $10 peru made, thrift shop bought, grandpa vest that warms my heart! .
. ladyofthespells .
. gysp .
. vintage vibe .


Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand.

Just when I was getting lost in unwelcome thoughts in my head-
Joe and Lisa shaked me up.
For joe, it was an act of his wise words, pick me up's and a critical stance!
With Lisa, she sent me a piece of home. She sent me 'Can't you see - Marshall Tucker Band.'
True classic annnnnnd they are in Connecticut for Taste of Danbury. I'm hoping to get out there.
Two of my best.<3

...Let's swim to the moon

"...You got fishes, for your friends, you've got pearls for your eyes.You got water all around sinkin'! you going way on down! Wayyyy down!"

There are legit over 600 Doors songs on my computer, each being a unknown treasure.
But this is one of my favorite 'Moonlight Drive' bizzarre edition of the Matrix boxset.