Tuesday, June 15, 2010

whatcha been up to...oh noth.

. Melissa threw a party for 5 days.
. Tj<3 one of my greatest friends back in CT came to hang! .

. Cheese dog's rule my heart...and Kat just eats buns and ketchup .
. Nights in Long Beach .
. i'm just always dancing....photo by DoC Munz .
. still dancing..... .
. I really adore these ladies .
. DoC & Natlie @ Longhorns .
. Trouble! .
. Sycko, and well...Eileen eatting the rat! .
. Evan, Sycko and Christina enjoy themselves! .
. Extended Fam, for sure! .
. The Rat King and fellow Aries! .
. Can you guess we're dancing! .
. How NOT to clean it up .
. Rappers Lie, Emcees Don't .
. minus one .
. VDD .
. 123456 .
. Sycko's shirt! .

. i am the Lizard King, I can do anything .

Today I, (human name) Victoria...social networking (which freaks me) name: Bonita,

am confirming that my favorite Doors song is.....
"Celebration of the Lizard: Lion's in the Street, Wake up, A Little Game,
The Hill Dwellers, Not to touch the Earth, Names of the Kingdom, The Palace of Exile"

After years and days, I am finally able to pick.
Nothing comes close to the words of poetry, seductive riddles, the perfect amount of sadness, the attraction of loosing your mind, the feeling of keeping it together, the act of drugs, a rush of love, the impact of what you know crashing, a vivid imagination of what's real and not real, the taste of the earth and heat of the sun and moon and stars, a glimpse of the future and a promised death.

I know, you've read it, i've said it but The Doors :: Absolutely Live 1996 boxset literally blows my mind. jesus fuck. It's nothing i've ever experienced and every time I play it, everything mentioned above is reborn. I've cried to it, i've laughed to it, i've shared it, i've let it control me and i've got turned on by it. Only two people in this world that i know of, can understand and relate to this.