Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock tha beLLs 2000+grind.

3 summers strong I've attended Rock the Bells.....for free! This time I brought Alex & Eileen with me. Each time I go I have more fun. I linked up with some friends from CT as well - it has been over a year since I saw them, so that was dope. We had bomb seats, did the whole "tail gate" thing...I even played football with random boys! Here are some photos:

. Nas & Damian MarLey, so dope .
. Bonita & Pinky .
. Me in my fresh jumper! .
. Jeepers peepers .
. Alex's v-day lovin kickz & my nike sb's! .
. quest luv on tha drums<3>
. Buck Shot & Krs 1 on tha Robot ish! .
. Me & Pinky .
. Method Man! .
. " yo Meth, where muh kiLLuh tape at?! " .
. Wu Tang Clan ain't nuttin' to fuck with! .
. KRS 1 .

. KRS 1 .
. Drink of choice .
ALex & Me..Bonita!
. I was just rappin' & Vibin' .
. COMMON, so sexy .
. KiLLin' some beer .
. Jadakiss brought out D BLock! .
. Looong day, we got siLLy .

the line up:
+ Nas and Damian Marley
+ Cypress Hill // Ice Cube
+ The Roots // Common
+Busta Rhymes // EPMD
+ Big Boi // Sage Francis
+ House of Pain // EPMD
+ La Coka Nostra // Tech9
+ RZA // GZA //Raekwon
+ Slaughterhouse // MOP
+ Necro // Psycho Realm
+ Murs // Pete Rock // AZ
+ Talib Kweli /&/ Hi Tek

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

GLASSJAW // brand new.

Glassjaw & Brand New and other guests are linking up to do a show at Nassau Coliseum!! Copped my tickets as soon as noon struck! Was all up on tha computer in tha office at work like sLeeeeee Lemme get that! GLassjaw hands down, my favorite band. Daryl Palumbo, fuckin genius. The show isn't till November. But the tickets move fast, I think they will be having another batch of tickets going on sale, GO GET 'EM [Mike D!]

GJ Nike blazers :: I still need these.

Obey the Giant

For anyone who has been following Shepard Fairey's court case in Boston, we're pleased to learn that a resolution has finally been reached. Shepard was originally facing 34 felony charges with a maximum penalty of 87 years in jail, but his attorney negotiated a plea deal for him to plead guilty to three misdemeanors and get two years probation and a fine in exchange for all the other charges being dropped. "

The artist said, "Considering the tremendous waste of time and money so far, this solution seemed the most productive to end a process which could have dragged on considerably and potentially resulted in jail time if things did not go well for me. I’m glad to put this behind me so I can focus on making art and the other positive things in my life. I have no negative feelings toward Boston, my ICA show has been an incredible success with over 100,000 people attending. I’d like to thank the ICA staff who have been great to work with, and also all the Boston property owners who invited me to display my work on their properties."

Shepard will be back in Boston on July 31 for OBEY Experiment Redux, celebrating the success of the artist's first museum exhibition. After the exhibition closes on 8/16 in Boston, the 20 year survey of Shepard Fairey's work will then be traveling to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

FUCK YEAH! I didn't get my legs inked for nothing!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

GAGA for this Lady.

Lady Gaga for V Mag. She is one fierce bitch and Saturn? Great call!

wine'd out // Local lo(w)han(d)

The Lohan Family - minus money maker Lindsay came into the shop today in request to find extensions for younger daughter Dina. My service; somewhat up to par until I told them to venture into Huntington Station....what? Tha sisters do tha iLL weaves! Whelp, thats a trip the Lohan's won't be taking. Lemme find out you Amy wine'd out! With that said, I'm droppin' that British Paper The Daily Star mentioned she is thinking about launching her own perfume line! I'm thinkin'...I'd wear her booze havin', cigg smeLLin', bottled crack smoke scents proudly! Aces for Amy.

Mothergreen in time of need.

Our ancestors are calling on us to respond to what they describe as a time of awakening and great understanding. I, a follower and strong believer in the Mayan ways, have been reading up on "The Shift of the Ages"
Many cultures believe that we're in the process of shifting to a new Sun or a new World. Various stories and scriptures detail about these predictions.

The Shift of the Ages is a film project described as a step out of time which takes a look through the indigenous lens to focus on whats transpiring in the world today. It's a shamanic rite of passage and grassroots effort to raise awareness for Mother Earth in her time of need. It's more than just a movie - it's a movement."> name="allowFullScreen" value="true">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="340">

"...because we are one, like the fingers of the hands."

Monday, July 27, 2009


Alex Pardee, done did again! Not only does he have a new gallery coming soon "frolicking nightmares" but he killed it with his art work for Cage's new album "Depart from Me." Shit is honestly dope. I absolutely love Pardee's style, his stuff is almost lively. Big time fan. Cage's album dropped July 7th, if you don't already have it; stop reading this and get going! "I Never Knew You" is one of my favorite tracks featured on tha CD. Shia LaBeouf directed this video and also represents Cage as a teenager. It also features other Definitive Jux artists like: Yak Balls, Aesop Rock & El-P.

"Im so in over my head I've learned to breathe in it
Your eyes are screaming and you're saying "no baby" to me
If there was a way out I think you would've taken it.
My hands and arms are the only way that you can leave
Face to face for the first time, you feel what I'm feeling..
Selfishly no longer breathing because of me."

Check out his other work as well...


Show your teeth New York

. you'll be surprised at all or what little joy in the world
seems suddenly simple and endlessly yours .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Perfect verse over a dope beat.

Saturday, Eileen, Grace and myself ventured to West Babylon to kick it off for Dani, the body piercer at House of Colour - for his birthday Bash. Mission accomplished if you will. This event included the following: beer, food, Dj Tanner, endless laughs, robot dances moves, good music, bouncy castle and freestyles by your girl Grace! Risin high at 5 feet, my baby girl Grace has definitely got what it takes to rock the mic! In her vintage dress and opera magnified glasses, this little mama had flow. Everyone was awesome, I had a blast. Alex, Number 2 and even Sal came out too. Here are a few shots, that captured this night. Happy Birthday Dani!

. Grace aka, "G-spot"

. bouncy castle, you know i was all up in that! .

. most accurate .

. Grace & Myself .

. Grace with her fantasic find; the opera glasses! .

. Michael Jackson lives on through me .

. Ready for the dance floor .

. Paul, Me & Grace .

. It was tough love with Paul at first .

. I was setting him striaght! .

Dani, the birthday guy!

. bring that beat back! .

. Still unsure of this Bonita Bitch .

. I'm always laughing .

. Luke danced his way into a friendship! .

. Keith & i .

"You're the ultimate Robot!" Grace & I. Note the kid Paul haten on our robot dance! He was saying "Are you really doing the Robot?!" As i kept doopin' him, I informed him that as you well know..."ROBOTS DANCE ALONE!" I later found out, that in a strange twist of events, Paul in fact was a fan of my robot! It is pretty standard for Grace and I to do the robot at such events...however, this groups reactions was most excellent!

1 of 3 Freestyles by Grace! & Dani "spinnin'&trippin''.<3
[ please pay no mind to my horribLe Laugh. ]

Check out Dani's work @

+ more to come, stay tuned!