Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smiles across the board!

Man, I can't express enough how much the last two weeks have been for me. Truly great. Filled with action packed adventures, tear making laughs, fresh faces, old faces, inspiring talks, delicious treats, beaches, walks, blue skies, good tunes, great talks, dancing, birthday presents. I can't wait for the summer to be here already. I haven't been excited for the summer in so long. I'm going to take advantage of it and the warm weather. I have a lot planned for it. My mood has been amazing, I have to thank my good friends for making my day, turned into a week so special. For the first time in forever I received presents that are meaningful, thoughtful and ME presents. For instance, my friends gave me things like TRAVEL SCRABBLE apple and banana edition...because for the last two months i've been begging them to play a this game. A book of Jim Morrison's spoken-word poetry, art work and video. Because she knew my love for Jim and The Doors and how through them, it's the only connection/memories I have with my father. Another gift was LEGO'S! Lego's because it was a common joke between a few friends...and something I truly love to do! Shark week DVD was also a present....again, if you know me well, you will know Discovery and Shark week are my favorite things to watch. Mix tape CD's, each song thoughtfully picked out and because I've also been begging her to make me mash up's to cruise to! Even certain type of clothing, knowing I always wear a certain artist. Thank You to everyone that has contributed to such awesomeness. Everyone should feel this way on their birthday. I'm going to start doing things for peoples birthday’s and give meaningful presents...and just make that person feel this good as they should on their day! I know I said I used to hate born days...and that was only been short lived. Since I moved back to NY, I stopped liking birthdays...for no reason really.

This is great.

I love how things are going.

I'm living free.

short term goals:

+ i want to be professional at skipping rocks.

+ i want to everyday take the time out and dedicate myself to be one with nature.

+ i want to get my hands dirty more often.

+ i want to lay in the grass looking at the clouds once a day.

+ i want to fly a kite more.

+ i want to paint a fence.

+ i want to climb trees more.

+ i want to pick flowers more often & wear them in my hair.

+ i want to write letters.

+ i want to listen to the banjo and harmonica more often.

+ i want to wear more feathers in my hair.

+ i want to dance bare foot.

+ i want to wear more flowing dresses.

+ i want to walk a dog on the beach.

+ i want to climb rocks more.

+ i want to canoe often.

+ i want to go fishing at 2am.

+ i want to have a bongo and acoustic guitar session on the beach.

+ i want to drive to other towns looking at houses.

+ i want to draw with chalk more.

+ i want to take a hike that requires me to have a backpack full of water and food.

+ i want to appreciate Long Island more and it's offerings.

+ I want to go on more midnight moonlight drives.

+ i want to use maps more.