Thursday, December 31, 2009

coughing colors.

your face has changed and my thoughts radiate fear.
she's so sick from the booze, but doesn't want to throw-up the drugs.
i've had enough.
the wounds; no longer flesh - only now do they rust.
a sober straight face gets you out of those clothes,
I will fake the way I hold you.
this whole time it was easy.
it only hurt when I told you he was better.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

babes with beards.


Beards Rule!
So now introducing babes in beards is new to the blogspot. Every Tuesday will feature a new beard! Mustaches will be making appearances as well, because they are just as good.

Summit your bearded pictures to me or bearded pictures you love!

Here is babe number one :: SAM FLORES, all time favorite artist.
. Spelling out his name with beard, gets give him cupcake for creativity! .
. Letters & faces with his beard, points on the score board! . . He even rocks a great stache! .

. HOWEVER, the bearded lady aka Jaime....takes the WIN! .

Not only is Jaime the idea behind this blog entry but she showed her great love for beards this year for Halloween, truly amazing. We be beard lovin' kinda gals!

WANNA BE NEXT TUESDAYS FEATURED BEARD?! contact me. :)> yes, that's a smiley beard!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

symptoms of you.

get me out of my mind, and get you out of those clothes.
what is it you think up when i'm tounging you down?
i'm having your dreams.
its the calming effect of your head against my small back
with pushed up red lather heels and arched backs
this nightmare is something to compare to the Resurrection of Christ.
this isn't just a waste of time, addictions made me smarter.


At about 8:23 pm - I received this picture text, and it is by far the best yet. Above is Jimmy, who was already the light of life & Eileen's cousin but even more so because he rung up J-WWOW and took this picture.
J-wwow's purchase:
. a box of cigarettes
. KY Intense Massager
......Shocker. And I kid you not, this is really what she bought. Eileen and I were thinking she'd buy press on nails, condoms, self tanners, glow sticks and a penicillin prescription. I can't stop laughing at her acid washed pants as well. Now, let me clear things up....I for one hate this show. It's horrible but yet so trashy and rich! I discovered this show when I was sick for 2 weeks, chained to my bed with no choice but to turn on tha tube. I haven't watched TV in my bedroom for well over 6months. I get into bizarre fits where, if i watch something.....i get obsessed. And what good is being obsessed with Jersey Shore, when it only makes my IQ drop.....? Well fuckin A...I'm obsessed. Annnnnd I DON'T EVEN LIKE THIS SHOW. I just sit with my jaw on the floor in shock of how these people speak...let alone....LIVE! However - it does make me laugh, probs because I sit herbing them all up. Now i'm watching TV in my room, rotting my brain and I'm NOT a fan of this. Every Monday night I rush home like a lunatic from work to hangout with the crackheads on A&E's intervention...usually sipping wine. I spy a oxymoron. Kill your television.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Mother Monster.

No, your right. That IS Kanye West with the Queen Monster...LADY GAGA!
Another bonker spread for her Fame Monster deluxe Artwork booklet by Dave LaChapelle
Normally, I'm all about her bizarre outfits, but she's pretty much naked in all these shoots.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

minute made.

I'm semi back to bloggin! I crashed my computer....finally! And I've been hella busy doing EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the sametime. I'm getting a fancy new laptop for Christmas beacuse my mom says...."You and your brother had a good year, no one got arrestted or the cops called on, so we went a little extra this Christmas!" Thanks mom....even though I have no idea what that even means! hahaha she's crazy<3.

2 in 1 blog hole.

hahahahahaha that was awesome and a gross title Victoria....! I need to stop writing and speaking what first comes to mind, it's not always appropriate. My train of thought was clearly "2 girls 1 cup" and we all know that gem. Moving along. Because I haven't blogged in a while, my next entries will be displaying what went on during the time gap. This one is photos from the GlassJAw, Brandnew, Kevin Devine and Thrice show and also the Street Art Benefit show from Special Sauce. Enjoy you nutfucks. [really? i thought i was gonna work on thinking before I speak.] I'm also putting this out there and I don't care if it's inappropriate....Daryl Palumbo, lead singer of my favorite band GlassJAw is a FUCKING BABE. The things I would do to truly not healthy. His voice makes me weak...he's genius and sexy with every fiber of his being. it's not right. Shut up, I'm a happens. The show was amazing, hands downs.

. Hey now - fuck you .

. Eileen displaying 1 of 37583957 to wear your scarf/dress/hood/blanket

2 Years Strong.

Happy 2 Year Anniversary Extra Butter!

. it's gotta be the Latino heat.
. it's Christina that I do adore! .
. oh tha rat king! .
. My favorite Eileen get up .
. Russ gots moves too! .
. Mr. Munz! .
. Check out Sycko's fresh lines! .
. i want her in my pocket foreverrrrr! .

. Sycko's homemade pants are always best! .
. the dance .
. Aries! .
. Butter Knows .
. Breakin' .
. Cinematic wants a 5 dollar foot long .

. Sykco dances with an apple and carrots in his pockets! .. dance dance dance .