Sunday, February 13, 2011

Message Recieved+

Why did you not tell me you had a blog? :D

Almost two years running and I did not know this? This was a big surprise to me because I didn't even know you were capable of doing what you were doing. And here we are talking about which direction you want to take!

I took a good look at it. Oh yeah. A real good look at it. You jump around from music, poetry, personal thoughts, visual, everything. And what you talk about and how you put it all together was how I used to do it back at the Stony Brook Press and Myspace. Reminding me of how I used to do and where I was at.

You even take it a step further and show yrself going to all these shows and parties and get-togethers. Not in a forced FB way but in a more trendy, hotter, drop-it-like-it's-shit-hot experience.

Because of this, you're the most diverse female friend I know/have. Being diverse is a BIG fucking plus on the island full of clones, wanna-be's, robots, and dolls.

What REALLY bothers me about yr blog (and the only thing) is that I hardly see people commenting or saying shit about it.

I have so many ideas for a blog/site and my ass is being kicked. I really need to jump on a quick!
Keep it going!

On another note, did you take in anything I sent you the last time?

vmfx left this in my inbox.
An instant warm exposure. A man of great literature, knowledge and wisdom.
A man with an ear and a mouthful of music. If you have returned, Thanks-
i really appericate the feedback and the intrest. Also, sorry. I'm terrible
with the other emails, I will reply! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Me time:

taking the time off from:

. poor food
. facebook
. useage of my cell phone
. going out
. the useage of my car
. spending money
. humans
. cleared my cell phone out of people i dont share a life with anymore

starting up:

. body detox
. continue reading
. coconut water again
. cottage Cheese
. morning runs
. set bedside mode
. preparing for warm weather

+ i haven't checked myself in a while, the time is now.

if you made it thus far, use your resources to find me. +

Sunday, February 6, 2011

eyesclosed xx.

And she doesn't know; he doesn't know-
but there are those that do.
and in between the two:
are the rings they drew.
drawn together.
torn together.
the rings: beneath the eyes that don't see
but show the deapth their in.
and in your head it's never what it seems;
and in your head you make a scene.
we all become sinners at night.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I often look up/read Jim Morrison's words/lyrics because i have so many rare/different versions of songs. I wanted to look up a versions of "Back Door Man" off The Complete Matrix Club Tapes. While googling, I stumbled on this article of someone who googled "What is a back door man?"  I then read through the entire article, including the comments. Some of it made me laugh. One line stood out to me, "However, if there's anything I've learned with age, it is to not always trust in the obvious." Cheers! +

The article basically displays three ways that others are led to believing what the blues term of "Back Door Man" really means/stands for:

1. Referring to a man having an affair with a married woman, and presumably comes and goes through the back door of her house.

2. On a literal stance: Having Anal Sex. "When Morrison and Plant were around, anal sex was even more taboo than it is today, and society was even more likely to blow its top (no pun intended) when someone mentioned anal sex."

3. 'Back door' is in the way of SNEAKING into concerts, usually the "back door man" helps to get another in. "Sneaking" and "Back door" on two different meanings, joining as one.

As a Major doors fan there’s just too many references throughout several songs that led us to believe it only means one thing. The Affair stance. My case in point brings me to the song "The Spy." The version of this song Live At The Boston Arena, Morrison adds on how his woman’s been bad, he's seen her with another man." Even without that clip, the song alone talks about "know knowing deepest secret fears, I'm a spy, I can see, what you do, and I know." If you know Morrison, you know his ways. Wild.

That's one way I believe it's just a reference to having an affair, sneaking out the back, and being Morrison.  The second reasoning is mentioned in the article. In the song "Back Door Man", when Morrison sings out:  "You men eat your dinner. Eat your pork and beans. I eat more chicken any man ever seen", it shows that the wife is feeding him better than her own husband. - As mentioned. "I'm a back door man, The men don't know, But the little girl understand" Sure, I don't doubt it was meaning and being the anal aspect as well, being it was the 60's and it was Jim. But after all, Jim Morrison is all for words!

And if you really ask me- thinking of scandalous Morrison is way more exciting as the what may first seem obvious.+ ::wink::