Monday, May 24, 2010

thguoht rof doof

. my morning hair is so epic
. I've been having weird revelations ever since i've let this compass be the brain of me
. I need to keep shredding
. I'm re-reading "She" by Saul Williams. He has changed my life in and is a staple in my literature world.
. If you haven't eaten the Cheese 'N Pepper focaccia bread from Witches Brew, your taste buds are missing out!
. everything reminds me of my father lately
. Melissa takes too long of showers
. Kat beats up her feet and read my horoscope to me everyday on her lunch break
. he was Korean not Chinese
. I've been ordering straight up guacamole in pint sizes and eating them like so.
. I think the owner thinks I’m a sick fuck.
. I haven't decided if the Chinese band Pony tail is a mess of sounds or actual good weirdo music.
. I need to tone down my asshole-ness humor to first comers, they mistake me as an actual asshole that i am.....not?
. bet is 20 dollars that if you see me after 9:00 on a Monday night, I am in tube socks and addias sandals
. i have one thyroid and one feeling
. Summer begins for me june 2nd at 2:45
. Do they close at 10:00, 10:30 or 11:00 is an every night conversation
. AIM is so stupid
. if there are marshmallows in my drink, I'm counting them
. joe-lee is my best reader
. kristofferson is my best fan
. I drive like an idiot when I have a passenger because im Nervous
. Kat and I are the BEST interruptive dancers out there, hire us
. i hate the sound of my clocks alarm going off when i'm awake rather than it waking me up
. when people stop the microwave at 2:23 and leave flips me the fuck out
. my brain NEVER stops cycling
. i haven't watched TV in months
. I make myself laugh the hardest when I'm alone
. my morning drives are action packed because I get bored in my car solo
. it it really a real thing when people say "word da mother"
. which makes me think why is it called a Daddy Long Legs? why not Mother?
:: ^ that was a weird train thought ::
. my new sandals are great. they are both hippie/vintage
. Kat and Melissa will break down the science of me and my starbuck in the following ways:
If they don't want me to be tired they will juice me up with a Black sweetened iced tea or a Vanilla Chi Late. If they know want me mellow they will get me a Vanilla Ribose Tea. If were chillen it's an Ice Green Tea Sweetened, and if they realllllly want me bonkers it's Melissa's roofied Bold Coffee with 6 sugars and a heart attack within the same hour. That is their thought process on how I drink. Or if they want me cocked it's gin and tonics!.
. i talk through lyrics
. Kat and I also should not be allowed to sit in the back seat together...we go nuts!
. I need more space

are you cussin me? the cuss i am!

Boggis and Bunce and Bean
One fat, one short, one lean
These horrible crooks
So different in looks
Were none the less equally mean.

+ I just watched Fantastic Mr. Fox again and I turly love this movie.
Wes Anderson, i'm bowing to you.
I suggest you nozzle yourself in bed and discover!

+ please bring back stop animation.