Friday, April 30, 2010

food for thought....

+ it's 2:40am Saturday and it just hit me that I don't like it when people name their pets, specifically teacup rat lookin' chihuahua's after a fucking fashion designer.

- this is my dog Dolce, and this is my yellow lab Tommy...Tommy Hilfiger.

What tha shit is that?!

dream catcher.

. i'm going to make one for above my bed .

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

.x. BORN FREE .x.

M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

Intense as a mother fucker, Gingers getting Merked...what tha shit?! I don't like what it stands for However, if you phaze out tha actual 'concept'..... its a dope video. Really shows what used to go on...and I like how she chose red headed boys as the subject....makes you think. Shit was gangsta..literally had me "OH SHIT SON-ing" outloud......and I'm an asshole.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

sun sun sun, moon moon moon, burn burn burn - i will get you soon!

. I'm a girl influenced by the stars and the moon, therefore, I shall never be lost .

endless cycle (of blance)

tiger style.

So, I recently colored and cut my hair...and it's phhhhhaaat!

moon and stars!



Saturday, April 24, 2010


you weren't any of the things I was expecting....
different tounges, same taste
but oh my god would i kill an army
just to feel your sarcastic kiss right now
dont go any deerper.
too late, i've come to drown.
it's the bastard in me.


sampled love +

:: heart eyes! ::

. under a broken star .

. i'm just a little spoon in search of my big spoon.... .

. fuck, so good .

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

today's playlist

Late of the Pier - Broken


Fleet foxes - White Winter Hynmal


Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream

Dutchess Says - Black Flag (SIDENOTE: I should have been in the video)


The Doors - Hyacinth House


MSTRKRFT Ft. John Legend - Heartbreaker

Flaming Lips - Silver Trembling Hands

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Smiles across the board!

Man, I can't express enough how much the last two weeks have been for me. Truly great. Filled with action packed adventures, tear making laughs, fresh faces, old faces, inspiring talks, delicious treats, beaches, walks, blue skies, good tunes, great talks, dancing, birthday presents. I can't wait for the summer to be here already. I haven't been excited for the summer in so long. I'm going to take advantage of it and the warm weather. I have a lot planned for it. My mood has been amazing, I have to thank my good friends for making my day, turned into a week so special. For the first time in forever I received presents that are meaningful, thoughtful and ME presents. For instance, my friends gave me things like TRAVEL SCRABBLE apple and banana edition...because for the last two months i've been begging them to play a this game. A book of Jim Morrison's spoken-word poetry, art work and video. Because she knew my love for Jim and The Doors and how through them, it's the only connection/memories I have with my father. Another gift was LEGO'S! Lego's because it was a common joke between a few friends...and something I truly love to do! Shark week DVD was also a present....again, if you know me well, you will know Discovery and Shark week are my favorite things to watch. Mix tape CD's, each song thoughtfully picked out and because I've also been begging her to make me mash up's to cruise to! Even certain type of clothing, knowing I always wear a certain artist. Thank You to everyone that has contributed to such awesomeness. Everyone should feel this way on their birthday. I'm going to start doing things for peoples birthday’s and give meaningful presents...and just make that person feel this good as they should on their day! I know I said I used to hate born days...and that was only been short lived. Since I moved back to NY, I stopped liking birthdays...for no reason really.

This is great.

I love how things are going.

I'm living free.

short term goals:

+ i want to be professional at skipping rocks.

+ i want to everyday take the time out and dedicate myself to be one with nature.

+ i want to get my hands dirty more often.

+ i want to lay in the grass looking at the clouds once a day.

+ i want to fly a kite more.

+ i want to paint a fence.

+ i want to climb trees more.

+ i want to pick flowers more often & wear them in my hair.

+ i want to write letters.

+ i want to listen to the banjo and harmonica more often.

+ i want to wear more feathers in my hair.

+ i want to dance bare foot.

+ i want to wear more flowing dresses.

+ i want to walk a dog on the beach.

+ i want to climb rocks more.

+ i want to canoe often.

+ i want to go fishing at 2am.

+ i want to have a bongo and acoustic guitar session on the beach.

+ i want to drive to other towns looking at houses.

+ i want to draw with chalk more.

+ i want to take a hike that requires me to have a backpack full of water and food.

+ i want to appreciate Long Island more and it's offerings.

+ I want to go on more midnight moonlight drives.

+ i want to use maps more.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

area rug beastday,

Today [yesterday] was my Birthday! It was a very chill birthday. I don't really get into B'days much anymore, nor do i like the attention...altho, it made me feel good to recieve birthday wishes from those in my life daily, those that are more distant and those that I have not much contact within the last few years. Just reminds me and makes me happy that these people I haven't spoken or seen in quite sometime are still in my life somehow and pick up where things left off.....easily. It makes me happy that I still am the same person I was to these people, that they still are around. It also made me realize just how much times are changing and how the whole 'facebook/interenet' shit really IS talking over. I mean, half the birthday wishes are sent from Facebook, and i'm not knockin anyone....It just made me not want to ever wish someone a birthday wish over the internet....which I have, but as of today...I won't anymore. A birthday is something personal....what's sad is that I never really thought twice anymore to pick up the phone and call them to say Happy Birthday....the natural move is FB or even Text. That buggs me. And is no longer going to be a career in my life. HOWEVER, I will pat myself on the back becuase I litereally THANKED all of those and even attached a little message. So hoot hoot for me! This all besides the point of my Birthday and Blog! But yeah, So Birthday = Chill. Even though I my FIRST AND ONLY speeding ticket! what tha shit...yeah i know. I was late for school and rushing so I suppose that was the logic behind me doing 85 in a 55. Regaurdless of that..everything was dope. Had the most BEAUTIFUL weather, yes.. you're welcome. Mom says my very first bday the weather was the same! For dinner, went to The Cheese Cake Factory. Came home...Mama made me a burrday cake that was tha yummiest! Brother got me a sick shirt and Discovery channels SHARK WEEK DVD! Amazing. Then off to Bee's garage! Where Bee, Her brother, Anthony and Myself had the most area rug of a garage late night session of all time! I've never laughed so hard. I can not believe....Midget dora, is not an actual midget dora and that her legs were in her COWSUIT the WHOLE TIME!!! !!!! !!!! !!  ! 1 ! !! 1! ! ! !!!!!!!!!! ! ! LIKE !!!!!! ! !! !  ! !!! ! On another shockingly retardted news, they bought me STAR WARS LEGO'S!!!!! !!!! !! ! !  ! ! !!! ! ! ! !  LIKE FUCKING !!! ! !!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grnated it's a joke becuase I am so excited over my lego key chains... but they bought me a friggin lego set! Wait for the video, it's epic.  Area rug beastday for sure. Ok well, it's late and I have a 7am morning in fornt of me and if i don't fall asleep right this minute..tomorrow monring is going to be just as bad as the spelling and correct use of grammar in the blog. + Fin.

Monday, April 5, 2010

if you dont like art, you wont like my heart.

"Dripping with emotion, works by an artist known as Milk explore heartache in a way that makes us want to turn away, but can’t because her work is good damn good.
Artist and friend Saelee Oh introduced us to her work, which she discovered on MySpace (apparently it isn’t totally dead yet).
Milk is a Tuscon, Arizona based illustrator that made us catch our breath with her brutally honest depictions of females in pain and mourning. Seemingly exploring the emotion surrounding lost love (don’t worry; Milk herself is engaged, according to her page!) these images are captivating in their interpretation of feelings we’ve all had but try to avoid.
However melancholy Milk’s work may be, she makes sure to add interesting references to music (incorporating MP3 icons, musical notes, and old school tape thread) to convey her message. Music is an obvious influence, as is medicine with references to clinical implements and medications. Milk also includes phrases and song titles into tiny strips of narrative hidden within her work."

. + .


Sunday, April 4, 2010


"...I put an egg...under the bird bath. Tag."
- My dad.
He leaves me the same message every Easter.


Thursday, April 1, 2010


my solo dreadlock, and then created multiple mini's.
You are too much work ironically.
So long.