Monday, August 3, 2009

RIP :: BATTIN of SLum Village.

"In sad music news, it was reported that Slum Village co-founder Titus "Baatin" Glover (pictured on the right) was found dead on Saturday. Evidence from the medical examiners office is still pending but for now, the cause of his death is a mystery. He was actually supposed to be performing at Rock the Bells in Vancouver on Saturday with Slum Village, and was booked to perform in Seattle next Friday, August 14th.
He's the second member of Slum Village to pass away as James "J Dilla" Yancey (pictured on the left) died in 2006 from complications related to lupus. RL "T3" Altman (pictured in the rear) is the last original member of the group. A part of what's so sad about Baatin's passing is that he was just beginning to really get his life back together. He left Slum Village in 2003 after being diagnosed with schizophrenia and battled some emotional issues for a number of years. But he appeared to have put all of that behind him because he recently rejoined the group this summer. I can remember interviewing T3 on the subject matter in 2003 and vividly remember him saying that Baatin would be welcome back in the group as soon as he worked out his personal issues. So his unexpected passing over the weekend is a hard pill to swallow.
. you remember this track! .
Rest In Peace.


HELLZ BELLZ is kiLLen it! Teamin' up with MISS WAX, I am doomed! This collab is gonna be hot. I recently got a sneak peak of HELLZ BELLZ gear for the fall...November 2009, bonkers! I can NOT wait. I already told my girl to put shit on hold for me once she gets it into her store. No control with this line. Ladies represent represent! Above is a Two Finger ring engraved with the letters HB and MW along side of Hellz Bellz broken bottle logo. I'm single, ain't no ring on my finger, but that could all change if a fly guy puts that on me!

it was a good day.

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