Tuesday, December 29, 2009

babes with beards.


Beards Rule!
So now introducing babes in beards is new to the blogspot. Every Tuesday will feature a new beard! Mustaches will be making appearances as well, because they are just as good.

Summit your bearded pictures to me or bearded pictures you love!

Here is babe number one :: SAM FLORES, all time favorite artist.
. Spelling out his name with beard, gets give him cupcake for creativity! .
. Letters & faces with his beard, points on the score board! . . He even rocks a great stache! .

. HOWEVER, the bearded lady aka Jaime....takes the WIN! .

Not only is Jaime the idea behind this blog entry but she showed her great love for beards this year for Halloween, truly amazing. We be beard lovin' kinda gals!

WANNA BE NEXT TUESDAYS FEATURED BEARD?! contact me. :)> yes, that's a smiley beard!