Wednesday, November 10, 2010

black medic.

I, only knew of the known secret.
the dirt under my fingernails would have given me in.
I have questions that I'm afraid your tongue can't answer.
he exhaled slow-
the second hand air, danced across the skin of my cheek.
i have your eyes and your smile,
but i don't have your back.

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

I know it's three photos, but these are a few of my favorite pictures of 3 summers ago.


Today was one of my days off, so I spent my day out in Port Jeff.
I'm really having a hard time giving into the colder days, I desperately don't want the winter to come.
I've been packing all my last minute 'warm weather activites' in like a mother.
Chandra lives out in the Port Jeff area and has been begging for some adventures and to take me
under the "Salsa Salsa wing." And you don't know?! Salsa Salsa is what i can officially say a bomb ass Mexican food joint! Almost everyday Chandra get's her fix, sometimes even two times a day and then comes to work and boasts about just how good. "Petrone, theres a WALL OF GUAC in the burrito!" Those were the defining moments that made me know, I need to try it. Over the summer Jaime had just recently moved me onto "Ay Caramba" Mexican food down in Long Beach - that was a banging jump off and out beat my Moe's Mexican Grill the way i'm a chunkina if you haven't caught on by the first 5 sentences of this post. So with Moe's beat, and Ay Caramba in the lead with best burrito, it was now time to check out Salsa Salsa. Chandra has ALWAYS done well by me with her tastes in food, and she's a vegetarian and still knows how to hook her porker friend up! So, I made the call, she without a doubt was down for the cause and with a freshly rolled joint we giggled our once empty tummies down for good eats! On another level of, "fucking supreme" was what I replied after sinking my teeth in...Chandra in her glory. The lady behind the counter requested I try the 'homemade sauce' and fuck, you got me....spices and guacamole and i am there! So amazing. So we ate, sat in the window, people watched and rolled out the door. Stuffed to the max, we walked it off and strolled the town of Port Jeff. I got myself these super fun earrings. It was a good day. :)

. new fun new fun! .