Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's 10 AM Sunday Morning and my dad call me, but i missed the call. He left this voice mail:

"Roria, what are you doing? cant be in bed come on. Yeah, I wanna check in with ya..wnated to see if theres a remote...remote chance if i was going to see you over the Christmas break. Yes, i'd like to see you Roria, its the first time i put up a christmas tree in 17 years because I saw you for a moment...a moment. And i know you said you wanted to come up in the during daylight and i think the week i am off for christmas theres gonna be some daylight!...tag! love ya."

My dad always leaves good and playful voice mails.


too furs.

I decided I wanted something to eat so took myself into town. Inhancer Involved. haha.
For some reason I parked pretty far from my destination, which I normally do, do. But this time,
in my head I didn't want to park that far...just because i'm obsessed with my new Blue Ridge Mountain coat doesn't mean the cold wont get me...i need to stop. So i pulled into this lot and rolled up on some guy peeing on a dumpster. Fine. Just one of those, lookin' at me, lookin' at you type of things. We get them. I get out, take a walk to figure out what i want to eat. Sucker for the guac.  Mexican, i did it. On my way there a see "Chubby Hubby Undies" Specializing in SEXY undies for LARGE MEN sizes (1x - 6x) in COLORS AND PRINTS. (lknasgsdhghrueioghrqeungkjerqgvbiuqgtfoi43wj5) i had to check myself twice. Nope, you're does say that. Huntington is a strange place on a Sunday.
When i got home i made a call to my friend Kat. Kat's at a pre family Christmas party or something...i call like a jerk aways. "What's up" with the tone of.....''what the shit now?" and thats when i realized i totally ALWAYS call her with the MOST FUCKED wildest and bizzarest stories and situations. ANd the fact i called her for something of the sort, knowingly she was at a family party reallllly makes me laugh. Then I thought more about it and realized....SHE, on the other hand totally throws these dodgers at me as well, and hers being on the more, thought out dilemmas, that really stress you to think. It's actually really funny. We pretty much are two peas in a pod.

she's lump, she's lump...she might be dead!

The first song/music video i ever downloaded was "Lump" by Presidents of the United States.
Bonkers, i know. I remember only because it was also the same day my step dad brought home our first computer ever, a Packard Bell. So slow it hurt. I remember being so excited and amazed that i finally had one and "Lump" was my current favorite song. My mom and brother watched it with me. Just a funny little haha for ya'll.