Monday, November 8, 2010

learning fact (?)

people i don't ever see or speak to every day know me
better or take an intrest more than people i see and speak to everday.

yeeeeeeeeeeeah ?


2 lumps of sugar.

fits of forgiveness for every bitch and bastard-
your all common denominators.
awake with the same damn smile
fix yourself,
it's tiring and rude.
your ways, we don't care about the death or the triumph.
my name is victoria and i've forgotten logic and how to tell time.

wild, is in the winter winds.

we used to wait for it.
the magnetic moon, never seemed so dull.
we were raised by wolves,
and we are still wild.
you go so far.

i'm giving dub step again shot.

reminds me of the rain drops that fall all morning.
chill. calm. light. mellow. beats.