Monday, January 17, 2011

End of an Era.

January 9th was the official day of my job's location closing. It didn't hit me until last night.
The gang that made Ricky's all went out for a final goodbye, dinner and drinks.
Together, we are quite the group. I don't think I ever laughed so hard.
The ladies that i worked with are all gems within gems.
I hope the best for everyone and know I still see them all.
I can honestly say no job will ever have that same experience that went on for 3 years.
Real cast of characters and times made.

the nomads get housed.

Saturday, I spent all morning running around then headed up to CT to celebrate and help Lisa move into her first apartment! It was exciting. I'm real happy for her. If anyone deserves it, it's her the most. We made a joke that her life if finally good. Lisa's shuffled from house to house, couch to couch and not once complained. She just did what she had to do. I admire her a lot for that reason alone. Lisa put herself through school, this year bought herself a car, helps take care of her niece and her father...all with a smile on her face, at the toughest of times. We used to call ourselves the Nomads, because we were forever sleeping everywhere. One of my favorite Lisa stories steams from when she was working at a small local super market. Everyday she'd work two jobs in hopes to someday go to school. As she worked, customers became regulars, one in particular took a liking to her. He was an older man, well dressed, warm hearted. In fact, Lisa and I went to school with his son. As he loaded his things on Lisa's line, he began to mention how much he sees her working in here and in town often. Lisa mentioned it was for her to go to school and pay the bills. The gentlemen then carried on a conversation with her and presented her with an offer: If she was as serious as she seemed about school, he would pay for her first few semesters if she received good grades. I will remind you that he was a semi stranger and to pick your jaw up from the fall. Yes, this went on for quite sometime. Lisa remained getting nothing less than an A on every radiology exam. I just really love this story for obvious reasons. I proud of the gal. After we settled out most of her stuff, well...she handed me a coloring book while she sorted all her clothes we headed down to the bar were our dear friend James was playing a show. Easy Street is the band, James is the nasty bass player. Nils accompanied us. I haven't seen him in years, yet we still talk quite often. I've missed him. He's always been a good look blue eyed gentlemen. Can show me a good time with nothing. We met him at the bar, when we got there he had two beers waiting for us. It's been a while since i've been to a bar filled with my people. It's a total different experience when you go out and don't know half of the heads there...and you don't really want to anyways. Anywho, I saw a lot of old faces I haven't seen in years. But i can not tell a lie and say that I really just wanted to be with Nils and Lisa. I was so excited the whole night...the surroundings were great, the vibes were there and the music was just right. As the night got older, it was time to throw the towel in. At 3 AM we decided to get fires. I feel asleep in Lisa's car on the way home. She still got me the fries. As her first house guest to sleep over, we went to bed. The next morning we woke up with the words...."This is so cool" the fact that she had her own place. We layed in bed and giggled at each others expense for about an hour until Nils called to get breakfast! The 3 of us went to 3 brothers diner. After, we went to get Nils a new shirt with his gift card because he had burned a hole in his favorite shirt. Lisa picked out a black, red and gray flannel and I choose a brown, tan and forest green. Nils bought them! It fit his, best beard having, ray ban glasses wearing, loud white pick up truck drivin' self. After that, we went back to Lisa's...because we can do that now! A few hours later, I packed it in and set home. It was good fun. +

thing(s) 2.

^ that made me laugh.

. my brain is in over load today, can barley keep up

. i just sewed an old sweater back up and added a new look to it with big brown buttons.
 its good as new again!

. i accidentally stole a pair of earrings....from a thrift shop. so many good wrongs.

. my car is so mad that i've been driving it everywhere latley

. my brothers feet smell so bad, that i am mad at him.

. twice this week i've been called 'wacky' and i take it as a compliment

. i really love hoopties and beards

. i made a cool beaded necklace

. Pasty Cline forever makes me think of times at my dads. He would cook and have her on
in the background.

. I'm really drifting away from long island

. If a turtle looses it's shell is it homeless or naked?! o_O

. i do just about everything in my car, from watching movies to putting on deorderant.

. i miss how chilling is, in CT.

three strikes and you're....

out of line

out of sight

out of mind