Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I often look up/read Jim Morrison's words/lyrics because i have so many rare/different versions of songs. I wanted to look up a versions of "Back Door Man" off The Complete Matrix Club Tapes. While googling, I stumbled on this article of someone who googled "What is a back door man?"  I then read through the entire article, including the comments. Some of it made me laugh. One line stood out to me, "However, if there's anything I've learned with age, it is to not always trust in the obvious." Cheers! +


The article basically displays three ways that others are led to believing what the blues term of "Back Door Man" really means/stands for:

1. Referring to a man having an affair with a married woman, and presumably comes and goes through the back door of her house.

2. On a literal stance: Having Anal Sex. "When Morrison and Plant were around, anal sex was even more taboo than it is today, and society was even more likely to blow its top (no pun intended) when someone mentioned anal sex."

3. 'Back door' is in the way of SNEAKING into concerts, usually the "back door man" helps to get another in. "Sneaking" and "Back door" on two different meanings, joining as one.

As a Major doors fan there’s just too many references throughout several songs that led us to believe it only means one thing. The Affair stance. My case in point brings me to the song "The Spy." The version of this song Live At The Boston Arena, Morrison adds on how his woman’s been bad, he's seen her with another man." Even without that clip, the song alone talks about "know knowing deepest secret fears, I'm a spy, I can see, what you do, and I know." If you know Morrison, you know his ways. Wild.

That's one way I believe it's just a reference to having an affair, sneaking out the back, and being Morrison.  The second reasoning is mentioned in the article. In the song "Back Door Man", when Morrison sings out:  "You men eat your dinner. Eat your pork and beans. I eat more chicken any man ever seen", it shows that the wife is feeding him better than her own husband. - As mentioned. "I'm a back door man, The men don't know, But the little girl understand" Sure, I don't doubt it was meaning and being the anal aspect as well, being it was the 60's and it was Jim. But after all, Jim Morrison is all for words!

And if you really ask me- thinking of scandalous Morrison is way more exciting as the what may first seem obvious.+ ::wink::