Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Perfect verse over a dope beat.

Saturday, Eileen, Grace and myself ventured to West Babylon to kick it off for Dani, the body piercer at House of Colour - for his birthday Bash. Mission accomplished if you will. This event included the following: beer, food, Dj Tanner, endless laughs, robot dances moves, good music, bouncy castle and freestyles by your girl Grace! Risin high at 5 feet, my baby girl Grace has definitely got what it takes to rock the mic! In her vintage dress and opera magnified glasses, this little mama had flow. Everyone was awesome, I had a blast. Alex, Number 2 and even Sal came out too. Here are a few shots, that captured this night. Happy Birthday Dani!

. Grace aka, "G-spot"

. bouncy castle, you know i was all up in that! .

. most accurate .

. Grace & Myself .

. Grace with her fantasic find; the opera glasses! .

. Michael Jackson lives on through me .

. Ready for the dance floor .

. Paul, Me & Grace .

. It was tough love with Paul at first .

. I was setting him striaght! .

Dani, the birthday guy!

. bring that beat back! .

. Still unsure of this Bonita Bitch .

. I'm always laughing .

. Luke danced his way into a friendship! .

. Keith & i .

"You're the ultimate Robot!" Grace & I. Note the kid Paul haten on our robot dance! He was saying "Are you really doing the Robot?!" As i kept doopin' him, I informed him that as you well know..."ROBOTS DANCE ALONE!" I later found out, that in a strange twist of events, Paul in fact was a fan of my robot! It is pretty standard for Grace and I to do the robot at such events...however, this groups reactions was most excellent!

1 of 3 Freestyles by Grace! & Dani "spinnin'&trippin''.<3
[ please pay no mind to my horribLe Laugh. ]

Check out Dani's work @

+ more to come, stay tuned!