Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"What's a WARHOG?!"

A seriously good 80's cover band! Doh!
WarHog is a multi-generational up and coming force in the world of music. Rooted in 80's metal, they've thrown Iron Maiden, Ratt, Bon Jovi, Slayer, AC..DC and Michael Jackson at people in a nonstop roller coaster of epic-ness. From wigs, to zebra spandex, big hair, and evil looks, WarHog has proven the world that the heart of the 80's was not in the posers, but those that have a love for in-your-face music.

With Billy Kay (Lead Vocals)
Joe Shavel (Lead Guitar)
Brendan Scharen (Rhythm Guitar)
Max Sequeira (Bass Guitar)
Jeremy O'Brien (Drums)

I have yet to seen them actually play :: tisk tisk :: on my end, however - now that both Billy and Max have been helping out the store in time for Halloween, they always recap how each show went! Sometimes if I'm lucky, and when Max isn't hiding sensors on me or in my hair, vise versa...I get to see extra videos. They men of this band defiantly are Metal for sure, especially with the use of Maine 'n Tail! [he he ha ha] They also know how to party! When Max isn't falling out of 10 feet high trees or biting into Kat's soul [Billy's Girl/ My co-worker]...he studies Law. Max has been playing the bass since the 4th grade. He also has informed me that music has been a growing passion throughout his family. Guillermo B, was Max's grandfather that he never knew. The only thing he did know was that his grandfather was an Italian gypsy living in Colombia that could sing and play like whoa! [FUN FACT: Colombian Soda rules! And regardless of what Max says, IT TASTES LIKE BUBBLEGUM!] Fortunately, Max's grandmother was able to share tapes of gigs his grandfather did. Guillermo B, stage name Billy Bedoya did some Spanish folk, swing and covers. As for Billy Kay, he is currently working on an independent film for the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Yeah! Billy has been acting since a very young age. His mother was in the original cast of "The Sound of Music" Broadway actress Lynn Kay. You can google him or imdb to see what other movies and shows he was featured in! :: ohhh's ahhh's :: Hate that dude with the transforming toys/cars and makes out with only the most gorgeous girl ever? Not me, I love him - even though he does want to bag his own mother o__O....you can see Billy beat on Shia Lebouff in the movie "The Battle of Shaker Heights"

Here is thier first Music Viedo :: the ultimate 80's metal tribute!

Check out WarHog at Arlene's Grocery, for free!, from 8:30PM-10PM! Or any of the other Mondays coming up from now till the end of November! Don't forget your head banging wigs, pyramid bracelets & nyon zebra spandex! Hars!

Also check them out on http://www.myspace.com/warhogband

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