Monday, December 13, 2010

beats beats beats!

i'm all up on Flying Lotus...that space feel!

electric blue dreams-


digital duo.

you have an internet personality.
Screen for a face- keys for hands, that don't open doors.
nothing but a space bar between us.
to turn me on is to turn you off.
i'm typing every message that you'll never receive.
return to sender.
with every letter, you see in between
your battery life running low.
Enter again at a later date.

w(h)ine for breakfast-

Brian was in redemption mode for another tale for another day...
Friday, we tried...i failed, he failed. Saturday, failed and failed.
Sunday morning at 11:00 "Goodbye horses" blarring all up in my sleeping ears
to an unknown number. Pick up the phone, Brian as my wake up call.
He had called with promising plans, but didn't share.
So with that as the theme, I headed to the other side of the the Apocalypse.
Lately, i don't stand a chance with my Aries side- it speaks for me, and keeps making
me doing everything without a second to think. No complaints, it's super fun- others are the real issue.
So i drove and drove and drove and watched buildings turn into barns and front yards turn into acres
got kind of lost because it's natural. About a little over an hour I made it to Brain's.
He get's in and hits me with, "We are going to the winery out here!" was still technically morning. I haven't been drinking much lately and didn't even eat at all this
morning...but as an Aries i said "I am down for the cause!"
Brian had a friend working there.
At first we were joined by a man and maybe wife...tasting...chatting...looking classy.
They didn't say long. By then we had the place to ourselves.
With a play list of Band of horses and The Shins anndddd Neil Young and others
we drank our reds and whites. Stayed for quite a few hours, it was chill. The we went to Tom and Andy's house. Threw back some beers and I.......beat them in Mario Kart! That is my game, I will run your pockets for sure. Ok Tom was close, he did beat me once and always stoled Second....Brian is better at the music selecting. I think i'll keep him there. I still haven't eaten. Endless hours pass and we are still hanging, watching music videos, fucked up ones...again Brian is good for these. Singing, dancing, good times. It's well over 8 hours of Brian and I doing shit like this. We laughed at how long, it also seems to be our thing when we raley get together...actually every time we hangout its always a wild time from festivles to hangouts. It's cool.
We finally go to eat - The Eblow room. Brian is the worst co-pilot to sit in my passenger seat, but seat belt air guitar he makes up for it. Before I head back to my land, we pull off the road and sit by the Ticonic Bay...Brian is also good for random spots, he acts like he's not, but he is. Grizzlybear and the kills and she & him accompany us. With a little over a 10 hour hang out- I set home. It was a cool day.

Redemption made well. +

. Brian and everyone that's get riddin' in my car find my science goggles .

mmm jackwhite.

Jack can SHRED!
one of my favorites.....oh yee, the song too ;).