Friday, March 4, 2011

television bleeding, harvest moon-

Last Friday I got tattooed-
On my left shoulder cap i got a Harvest Moon.
a De(e)ar friend Gia did it, in her new Brooklyn sunny studio apartment.

A Harvest Moon?
If you are an up to date reader you should know...
1.) I love anything involving : sun, stars and moons. (harvest being a favorite)
2.) I am rebuilding a relationship with my father (science teacher)
3.) I have vivid memories of my father and grandfather always singing "Harvest Moon" - Niel young
4.) Easily a favorite song.
5.) Within the tattoo and the moon's cravats is an outline of a female, which I like to think represents
my spirit.

Here are shitty photos that serves the art no justice:

She is still healing, in fact there are still dry patches. Red is a bitch to heal, and quite itchier than normal.
I also have deep olive skin, which is why I had to go more red than orange. I am waiting for it to fully heal,
to decide if i want more shading of another tone of orange/red to be added and/or a filler around
the actual moon. I haven't decided yet, I currently love as is. I do love the reactions I have gotten. Some don't see the female as quickly- for it blends in with the contrast of the moon's surface. I've had people trace the outline to finally see, hey there's a lady! She's a meaningful addition and will go hand in hand with the present idea for my right shoulder. I am done for now with tattoo's. This will be my fifth. I used to think I wanted a sleeve, but as time grew- I too sheaded away from that idea. I'm currently diggin' the more hidden idea of tattoos, separate from the rest. And there you have it; my two moons. Get my corny ass joke?! hars!