Thursday, October 28, 2010

brisk breaks.

the cold winter winds came creeping in
i couldn't sleep lastnight with the noun you gave me.
when i have nothing better to do, i remember-
you can be so mean when you say nothing at all.

i give myself a headache.

. this weather is perfect today, i wish it were to stay.
. i could live a life winter free.
. i am all my father.
. i don't want to meet someone who can't drive in my car with me just listening to music.
. i spend my days off like most humans should but don't because they are ran by corporate.
. all most every dog i meet loves me.
. i will judge you on your taste in music.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Happy Born day to my dear friend Kristofferson!
Sending postive vibes over your way and wishin you the best on your day!
+ Check him out, one of my daily favorites!

i'll tell you this

it's a strange feeling to live in a world that you dislike.

Left v.s. Right Brain


The last person you kissed, do they live near you?


What were you wearing the last time you kissed someone?
I don't know.

What do you hate the most about Summer?
working on sunny days.

Can you recall the last time you liked someone?
i rarely do.

Are you happy with the way things are going?
for the most part.

Would you ever get a tattoo?
too late.

Do you think you will be in a relationship 3 months from now?
unless i move off LI it's a chance.

Plans for tomorrow?
working as far as i got.
What are you listening to right now?
The doors live @ the Boston Arena!!! :)!!!

Who was your last text was from and what did it say?
Doc bbm "when we goin half on this baby" lmao he so crawwwzee!

What happened at 9:00am today?
noth, i was sleeping.

Do you and your last ex hate each other?

Are you one of those people who are always cold?

Where are your biological parents?
moms in the kitchen and my dad most likely in the woods.

What did you last drink?
arizona green tea.

Do you have trust issues?

Do you think this year will be better than the last?
my days are good, my nights better.

Are you a jealous person?
who has time for that in todays world?

Do you know anyone that smokes weed?
it's not even a drug.

Did you sing at all today?

Any stressful situations in your life?
humans just prey on the drama, and im sick of hearing thier stories about it actaully.
my life is good.

Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?
for sure.

Are your eyes the same color as your dad’s?

When you’re getting ready for something, do you listen to music?

Where is your phone?
under my pillow?

If your phone goes off during the night, do you answer it?
no, i dont answer it even if it i wanna so badwith the phone.

Do you like someone whose name that starts with an A, B, C, K, J, S,
i dont like anyone.

Do you still talk to the person you fell the hardest for?
haven't been there yet.

Are your parents strict?

Is your hair long enough to put in a ponytail?

Has someone ever pushed you into a wall when kissing you?

Whose unread text messages did you wake up to?
mike;s and emails from tiger.

What are your plans for tonight?
keepin it to myself - everyone is on some crybaby crap.

Who were the last two people you texted?
doc and mike d.

What are your favorite colours?
forest green.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I bet someone’s annoying you, who?
beast childern at work.

Who did you last take pictures with?
Is there someone you want to hang out with soon?
Lisa, i miss her.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nature is a language can't you read?

Sunday was my only day off from Halloween hell at my job. What better way to spend the day hiking with my girrrrrrrrl?! Kat and I got egg sandwich's, and green teas from Starbucks and headed to New Jersey Palisades Overlook. It was a perfect day to visit this spot we've been trying to get to for a few months now. My camera died half way through so below are pictures that i took. Kat has the rest. I learned that Kat is afraid of heights and i am the epidemy of an Aries.Kat needs to think of everything and every move before she makes up her mind. Me on the other hand, as an Aries, WE JUST DO IT! Good and bad. I literally climbed over the barricades to take pictures at the end of the cliff that rose soo high that if you were to fall it would be an instant death. I had to talk Kat into joining me right up to the very edge - it was a high for me...Literally. Over time she did. We are rule breaks for the rush, experience and photos. The grounds were pretty decent for the location. The overlooked viewed parts of the Hudson River and Westchester NY.

+ More to come.