Monday, January 18, 2010

home is where tha heart is; ON THE BUS!

. I had a snowball fight with crisp CT snow for the fisrt time in forever and it was the best feeling.
. I will always have a home far away from home.
. the banjo is by far my favorite insturment & is very meaningful to me.
. I make for the perfect Indian.
. Lisa is the only preson that knows me better than myself.
. I learned I am not fit for Wii Fit, but I could have told you that myslef after eatting a
sleeve of oreos and peanut butter
. Inky and I are now friends after 5 years of her not letting me pet her.
. Lisa's mom always finds the best homes.
. Pearl is no longer a little girl.
. We were never good at hiding being stoned, now we smoke with you mom.
. Lisa's mom hippie fringe jacket ruled my life.
. Orangic food I hate/love you.
. I live in Lisa's ipod through the following; Ol' Dirty Bastard, Billy Joel, The Doors, Bob Dylan and The Greatful Dead
. Tiff will forever drive a volvo.
. Mama Shapp will forever talk fast make me laugh.
. Dr. Don will always refer to me as his 2nd daughter and blast the bass.
. Tiff has 4 yeats straight of my art work on her walls, notes from my mom and pictures of Grandpa<3
. My eyes are so bad the I mistaken a LLama as a Deer.
. The turn my the big red house in Sherman still scares me.
. I will forever find myslef sleeping on the blue couch while tiff covers me with blankets.
. Snow flowing in CT is breath taking.
. Tiff will still sing every song on the radio word for word.
. Lisa is still the same person since back in the day.
. Mike is a grown man, no longer my neighbor.
. Lisa's dad I still have a crush on.
. American Pie is still the morning after breakfast joint.
. i don't feel like a visitor, I'm more welcomed than ever.

+ the greatest of friends are miles away.

Dear Jaime,

you need this, and I wont stop till it's yours!