Sunday, October 11, 2009


^ I'm personally adding you to VH1's "Tool Academy."

Along with former doucher Shawn, who just so happened to create a fashion line entitled Kung Fu Hero...based off his shitty happy trail tattoo. Your life is unfortunate....and so is that tattoo.

100 of these boxers have sadly been made. However, on a positive note, I can assure you that only 99 have probably been sold. Shawn being the only buyer, in hopes of self-promoting..then again, that's giving him too much credit. Shawn writes...typos and all...

"They are perfect athletic underwear and ad are sexy when your girl take your pants off after a game. They are also unique with their own design that takes your pants off their own design. The best part about these underwear is that thet have a hiddn inner condom pocket to assure safety and James Bond like suave with the girls check meaning of suave."


i'm gonna eat your brains & gain your knowledge.

- photo by Max S. Zombieland Facebook application skills!
. she will skin you out alive, all the children go grinding their jaws; the sweet smell of their toothless canals, and the damn she will break; make an ocean from this lake, as they siphon off all our blood .

words with weight.

I'm sick of people caring, when it's an appropriate time to 'care'.
What's filled in the space between then?
Save your hallmark patented emotions and baked goods
it's not your best quality.