Wednesday, February 3, 2010

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Google's logo today is the cutest!


They are FINALLY here, and I got me some! I perviously blogged about the VANS X HELL BELLZ kicks...and I can honestly say both joints are even better in person! Extra Butter; the source of the all the fun goodies is where these bad boys are found! I bought "The Hadley Zipper" which are a crisp black leather shoe boot style complete with hooks and zippers! They are hard as all hell! As tough as they are Alex @ Butter wears the "Sophie Strap" - a saddle shoe like style. Haha, not! They are strictly for the ladies....but if he could, the Sophie gets his vote! Eileen bagged these. The Sophie features buckles and cut outs, most defiantly right up E's alley....and we tend to like alleys! [inside hars!] Not only did I leave with dope kicks, I left with a parking ticket....Whomp Whomp I know. BUT, it's Okay. I walked it out in style! I have the bookstore babe to blame for that one ;]. No, I left also with RJD2's new album called "THE COLOSSUS." RJD2 first stole my heart back 2001, when he came out with Mix album "Your Face or Your Knee Caps" In 2003 he dropped albums and EP's "The Horror, Since We Last Spoke & Exotic Talk" I've been a fan ever since. I can actually remember going to record stores with my boyfriend at the time and pulling up these cd's, playing them in the headphones & 'diggin in tha crates' Yes, I have a cool pass on saying that...the boy was a DJ and used records for beats and samples! Literally everyday after school we'd hit up new record stores. We always had a car full of people and everyday they would complain that they had to take the ride to the music store with us...haha! We were such local at small town music stores that one dudes gave me the album cover to "Since we Last Spoke" I was torn though, MURS 3:16 was on the back! Grrr! So, i settled and changed it every month. Getting back on track, The Colossus is what I call a BIG YES! I love it. The beats are so...soulful and rich! If you are an RJD2 fan, you won't be let

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