Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lyrically speaking

I'm not knocking your want to carry that home
Took it with you when you moved and got it broke
Found the pieces, we counted them all alone
Didn't add up, forgot to carry a zero
I can't be your apologist very long
I'm surprised that you'd want to carry that on
Count your blemishes you can't they're all gone
I can't see your response putting them back on
Like they're waiting for your guard to fall
So they can see it all
And you're so occupied with what other persons are occupied with
And vice versa
And you've become what you thought was dumb
A fraction of the sum
Yeah you've become Yeah you've all become a fraction of the sum
The middle and the front
And now it's coming back hasn't it come too far
I was trying to help but I guess I pushed too hard
And now we can't even touch it
Afraid it'll fall apart
:: built to spill ::


When is your daily dose of Bonita?

Joe begins his day with Bonita! Below is an email i recived & was heLLa happy about..

Joe writes:

Oh no! The blog ends in July!

PS: I’m madd jealous of you and your personal days.

I like your writing. Thanks for the link You’ve given me something to read on the way into work in the morning. I take the 6:25 in every day. Usually my train rides consist of watching an episode of Scrubs on my iPhone or staring out the window, trying not to fall asleep. I used to always sleep on the train. Then I found out I’m either all snorefest or I have full blown conversations with myself in my sleep. Now I live in fear. Can’t be all suited up and talking to yourself / snoring!

But yeah.
Bonita’s blog > Scrubs.
For real.
Asshat & Packrad Bell!
That says it all right there.

You don’t even know. I started cracking up so loud when I read that. On the 6:30am train. Eyes glared. People looked. Many judgments were made. Not gonna lie.

hoLLLLLER! + thanks! :o)