Thursday, December 30, 2010

"what would you do with it?!"

i made a chunk of money over the holidays.
i promised myself to use and spend it wisely.
With my job closing in a few weeks, i gotta be somewhat responsible.
And i will be. Tattoos and travel and good times is responsible right?
haha -

+ I set an appointment up to get a really meaningful tattoo
   it won't be till sometime in February.

+ Now that my job is ending, I want to take advantage in traveling, so money aside for that.

+ New Years(?) i put money towards it but i dont do new years. a lot of 'choosen words'
   will have to be good to get me out. We'll see. Although i am more willing to do something this year.

+ Money for a dayum Ipod. My mother got one before me and i desperately need one.

Monday, December 27, 2010

is it...

"Thata boy" or "Atta boy"   [?]

tooday was not real.

old and new woken too-
p's and q's and fuck you's
ditched and scooped-
realizing someone taking intrest
and someone not intrested.
scrambled eggs and i'm not talking the breakfast food.

snowed in family divided by days
feversleeves trips to the movies
next online to realize the obnoxious not stoned
brats would be in the same room and we yelled
fuck it and left to hit off alarms and ask for something
good to happen and the radio says right from the start

i realized the best molecular  feeling is when you're  baggy sweats
fall down your calf when you are laying on you're stomach and playing
with someone elses christmas gift: THE SIMS who had a beard
and your tube socks are there to cover the cold winter's storm.

fucking little things....they get on you.

and then i was thought of when someone saw this:

and i was honored.

to someone else thinking my "my taste for space" was like this:

and I misread it and thought it was my hip hop wanted so i said i'm more like........:

.....and whats wild is this is only one day.

For one reason or another+

It's unfortunate that when we feel a stone

We can roll ourselves over 'cause we're uncomfortable
Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip

Love is like a sin, my love,
For the ones that feel it the most
Look at her with her eyes like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you again

It's unfortunate that when we feel a stone
We can roll ourselves over when we're uncomfortable
Oh well, the devil makes us sin
But we like it when we're spinning in his grip

Love is like a sin, my love,
For the one that feels it the most
Look at her with a smile like a flame
She will love you like a fly will never love you again


Sunday, December 26, 2010


Kristofferson asked me to make it snow.
I wizard shook my fingers out the window.
Guilty as charged.


I spent the snow day in long johns, and a messy bun.
Played Scrabble and Scatogories with the fambam that stayed over from Christmas.
Watched The Office, Toy Story 2 and Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Threw a few Heineken's back, straight low key chillen.
I did not play in the snow, hometown is whack like that.
I dont get it.

no one ever is just.....


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

38 24 thirty sevennnnnnnnnnn+

Some flyguy came up to my register and dropped my government: Bonita Appleb(a)um
then said........."YOU GOTTA PUT ME ON!"

So here it is +

Sunday, December 19, 2010


It's 10 AM Sunday Morning and my dad call me, but i missed the call. He left this voice mail:

"Roria, what are you doing? cant be in bed come on. Yeah, I wanna check in with ya..wnated to see if theres a remote...remote chance if i was going to see you over the Christmas break. Yes, i'd like to see you Roria, its the first time i put up a christmas tree in 17 years because I saw you for a moment...a moment. And i know you said you wanted to come up in the during daylight and i think the week i am off for christmas theres gonna be some daylight!...tag! love ya."

My dad always leaves good and playful voice mails.


too furs.

I decided I wanted something to eat so took myself into town. Inhancer Involved. haha.
For some reason I parked pretty far from my destination, which I normally do, do. But this time,
in my head I didn't want to park that far...just because i'm obsessed with my new Blue Ridge Mountain coat doesn't mean the cold wont get me...i need to stop. So i pulled into this lot and rolled up on some guy peeing on a dumpster. Fine. Just one of those, lookin' at me, lookin' at you type of things. We get them. I get out, take a walk to figure out what i want to eat. Sucker for the guac.  Mexican, i did it. On my way there a see "Chubby Hubby Undies" Specializing in SEXY undies for LARGE MEN sizes (1x - 6x) in COLORS AND PRINTS. (lknasgsdhghrueioghrqeungkjerqgvbiuqgtfoi43wj5) i had to check myself twice. Nope, you're does say that. Huntington is a strange place on a Sunday.
When i got home i made a call to my friend Kat. Kat's at a pre family Christmas party or something...i call like a jerk aways. "What's up" with the tone of.....''what the shit now?" and thats when i realized i totally ALWAYS call her with the MOST FUCKED wildest and bizzarest stories and situations. ANd the fact i called her for something of the sort, knowingly she was at a family party reallllly makes me laugh. Then I thought more about it and realized....SHE, on the other hand totally throws these dodgers at me as well, and hers being on the more, thought out dilemmas, that really stress you to think. It's actually really funny. We pretty much are two peas in a pod.

she's lump, she's lump...she might be dead!

The first song/music video i ever downloaded was "Lump" by Presidents of the United States.
Bonkers, i know. I remember only because it was also the same day my step dad brought home our first computer ever, a Packard Bell. So slow it hurt. I remember being so excited and amazed that i finally had one and "Lump" was my current favorite song. My mom and brother watched it with me. Just a funny little haha for ya'll.

Friday, December 17, 2010

puckin phish!

Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stage

Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

Don't want to be a farmer working in the sun
Don't want to be an outlaw always on the run
Don't want to be a climber reaching for the top
Don't want to be anything where I don't know when to stop

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me
Come waste your time with me.

+ i just dig this, the most.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

zodiacally speaking-

i want your hectic energetic ways
- the combination of air and fire
i want you're new tricks, as i desire.
physical and intellectual level,
only to dissemble-
it's our fast pace with a quick of wit,
a favorable fit.
inventive and innovative
frustration and fulfillment
providing exhilarating excitement
Doubled down and keeping up-
good and evil,
male and female
Ruled by Mars,
bring me to my homeland, the moon.
Lets die with the sun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

midnight am.

i'm sitting here ever so content with a play list of the following:

+ Phish
+ Band of Horses
+ The Shins
+ The Hollies
+ The Allmen Brothers
+ Thievery Corporation
+ The Delays

and there nothing more i want to be doing than just sitting here and listening.

Monday, December 13, 2010

beats beats beats!

i'm all up on Flying Lotus...that space feel!

electric blue dreams-


digital duo.

you have an internet personality.
Screen for a face- keys for hands, that don't open doors.
nothing but a space bar between us.
to turn me on is to turn you off.
i'm typing every message that you'll never receive.
return to sender.
with every letter, you see in between
your battery life running low.
Enter again at a later date.

w(h)ine for breakfast-

Brian was in redemption mode for another tale for another day...
Friday, we tried...i failed, he failed. Saturday, failed and failed.
Sunday morning at 11:00 "Goodbye horses" blarring all up in my sleeping ears
to an unknown number. Pick up the phone, Brian as my wake up call.
He had called with promising plans, but didn't share.
So with that as the theme, I headed to the other side of the the Apocalypse.
Lately, i don't stand a chance with my Aries side- it speaks for me, and keeps making
me doing everything without a second to think. No complaints, it's super fun- others are the real issue.
So i drove and drove and drove and watched buildings turn into barns and front yards turn into acres
got kind of lost because it's natural. About a little over an hour I made it to Brain's.
He get's in and hits me with, "We are going to the winery out here!" was still technically morning. I haven't been drinking much lately and didn't even eat at all this
morning...but as an Aries i said "I am down for the cause!"
Brian had a friend working there.
At first we were joined by a man and maybe wife...tasting...chatting...looking classy.
They didn't say long. By then we had the place to ourselves.
With a play list of Band of horses and The Shins anndddd Neil Young and others
we drank our reds and whites. Stayed for quite a few hours, it was chill. The we went to Tom and Andy's house. Threw back some beers and I.......beat them in Mario Kart! That is my game, I will run your pockets for sure. Ok Tom was close, he did beat me once and always stoled Second....Brian is better at the music selecting. I think i'll keep him there. I still haven't eaten. Endless hours pass and we are still hanging, watching music videos, fucked up ones...again Brian is good for these. Singing, dancing, good times. It's well over 8 hours of Brian and I doing shit like this. We laughed at how long, it also seems to be our thing when we raley get together...actually every time we hangout its always a wild time from festivles to hangouts. It's cool.
We finally go to eat - The Eblow room. Brian is the worst co-pilot to sit in my passenger seat, but seat belt air guitar he makes up for it. Before I head back to my land, we pull off the road and sit by the Ticonic Bay...Brian is also good for random spots, he acts like he's not, but he is. Grizzlybear and the kills and she & him accompany us. With a little over a 10 hour hang out- I set home. It was a cool day.

Redemption made well. +

. Brian and everyone that's get riddin' in my car find my science goggles .

mmm jackwhite.

Jack can SHRED!
one of my favorites.....oh yee, the song too ;).

Saturday, December 11, 2010

distance blows...

My facebook status read: "i've grown so tired of you, Long Island."

Lisa- nauseatingly too? i saw your status lol

Me- hahahaha yes! nothing makes me wanna go out and do something.

Lisa- this area so lameeeeee

Me- mannn i really wish we lived closer.

Lisa- goddamnit i know even if it was like just an hour but its a fuckin hike
Me- i know :(:(
Lisa- because theres people i could call right now but i dont wanna deal with the bullshit, if you lived closer we'd be hangin right now
Me - hahaha, excatly! to the point id rather be alone then do all that bullshit.
Lisa- exactly, and you know my pathetic options over's not right
Me- where excatly are you?

Lisa- I feel like shit should be more enlightening and exciting at this age....hanna and joeys alone (which is better than with them hah well hanna at least)

Lisa- if we met somewhere halfway what kinda time are we looking at...

Me - umummmm im trying to think what excatly the 'middle' is

Me- would that bring us to white plains?
Lisa- probably right around there
Me -could it really be 45 mins?
Lisa -  that sounds like half to you know anything in that area, just a shitty dinner im chill with.
* so we did our calculations and realized that time wasn't on our side for our stupid sunday work shifts, money was not really but really an issue anddd we'd waste more time driving towards each other than with each other....sadly we passed it up. BUT, did intend to make it happen at a later date. *
Lisa- yeah little ridiculous, we'll plan this out better and not do it on a bitter-bender hah
if the drive was with you like roadtrip status AWESOMe but to sit in the car by myself id rather spend more time with you...dude such lesbos....

REASON NUMBER 345348590438593846834768956 I LOVE LISA ROGERS.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Let your family take you back to your original mind-

With ten years of another part of my life missing and four years being the last time i've seen my father, One day was all it took.

I last saw my dad when i had to undergo a surgery - heavily sedated i made it a point to remember your denim jacket. Other than that day, it would have taken us back to double digits.

December 4th 2010 was a new day stepping back into my (g)olden days. I finally did what has been pent up for years. I went home. Home to a place where I know exactly who i am with a wiser verson of myself. I haven't seen it in over 10 years. Once started as a Log cabin of one bedroom, has now gained height and width. Built with a soul and dream, the site of it brought me to an instant trip of joy and overwhelm-ness.

I can't believe how beautiful the house has come along. I pictured what it would be like to celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas there. With the fireplace lit, snow covering the cabin. There was so much to look at, but all everything showed me a reminder of just how much time had really passed.

It was as if I was able to look back at certain places and see myself in a younger virison. I can remember grading papers with you, the more i helped, the faster you'd come and play. My farther is a Science teacher, with tons of red marked papers. I can remember swimming in the ponds to cool off on hot summer days and the phrase "while most girls put cat's in their bicycle baskets, there's Roria...catching her frogs and putting them in her cannone". I can remember to check for ticks. I can remember the leather hand stitched pillow I used to hate but learned to love. I can remember making you always be the Shoe in monopoly and giving myself the Dog. I remember finishing my plate because "We don't waste in the country" even if my tiny tummy was full. I can remember trips to the post office and breakfast at Blondie's and if i was really cream at Holy Cow. I can remember going to drive - inn movies and falling asleep each of the 3 times during Free Willie. I can remember being embarrassed every time we went to Grand Union because you would sing all funny in between the isles. I can remember sleeping on the wooden floor and watching the popping of the lit fire. I can remember learning to drive the Jimmy, Bronco and pick up truck. I can remember failing Uncle Richie's quad road test the first time. I can remember when i earned the title "Mountain Woman." I can remember going back home to moms house being filthy. I can remember when I had a tick stuck in my head. I can remember when you wanted "downtime" which ment it was time for a nap. I can remember shaving your head and drawing a smiley face on top....out of mustard. I can remember falling through the ice. I can remember pulling down trees for fire wood. I can remember after dinner it was always "The kitchen is closed" I can remember rolling down the hills in the construction tubes. I can remember going hiking and hunting. I can remember "Indian Jodie" braiding my hair in grass. Some of my favorite childhood memories have been made on the lands of my fathers. But things happen, and so did the years.

I've made and chosen to set aside what is it that happened. From here on out I am working to patch things up. I've missed that life, and oddly enough where i've been has strangely always matched up. There is still so much i need to discover about myself and understand. Through my father i am finding such. I have never been so in tune with myself than this year. And now i can finally get answerer's to all that i have been wondering about. I am happy with my moves made but I know things wont unfold in the matter of days. This is something that will have to basically be reborn, reintroduced....from both parties. I am up against a lot but am for it. As cliche as it sounds...."the time is now."


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mr. Mojo Risin'

"Do you know the warm progress under the stars?
Do you know we exist?
Have you forgotten the keys to the kingdom?
Have you been born yet
& are you alive?"
A vast radiant beach and a cool jewelled moon.
Couples naked race down by its quiet side 
And we laugh like soft mad children,
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy.
The music and voices are all around us.
Choose, they croon the ancient ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake
Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream, come with us.
Everything is broken up and dances


Today is James Douglas Morrison's Birthday, and what better way to celebrate than seeing the best Doors Tribute Band..."The Soft Parade" at BB Kings lastnight with my childhood best friend Lisa and my present best friend Kat! First time they had ever met. Katja- Lisa's oldest sister even came too! :) It was a good were great...vibe was chill - you simply couldn't have a bad time. My life has been real good lately, packed with so much emotion and many many good things. I am behind on my blog entries but you'll soon understand when I worlds are colliding. Anyway, pour out or light a fucking joint for the LIZARD KING!

. Steel Reserve! .
. Myself & Kat .
. Two Ledgens .
. Guitars .
. The Soft Parade! .
. Wish it was tha real deal .
. Lisa Noreen Rogers! .
. What should have been Ray Manzarek .
. The Soft Parade with special guest Gene Cornish from The Rascals! .
. City rides .
. This girl right here, forever a friend .
. Lisa and I .

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

harvest moon-

and this too-

Send me on a whirlwind of emotion.

The Orion Correlation Theory

“The Orion Correlation Theory is a hypothesis in pyramidology. Its central claim is that there is a correlation between the location of the 3 largest pyramids of the Giza pyramid complex and the three middle stars of the constellation Orion, and that this correlation was intended as such by the builders of the pyramids. The stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the sun-god of rebirth and afterlife, by the ancient Egyptians. Depending on the version of the theory, additional pyramids can be included to complete the picture of the Orion constellation, and the Nile river can be included to match with the Milky Way galaxy..”