Monday, August 10, 2009

soulfuL summer.

As of Wednesday my summer will be over. Back to school for Bonita. Head in tha game & Healthy! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent. I filled my days with friendly faces and endless laughter. I made new friends and even reconnected with old friends. I fell like a renewed soul. Over the summer I've made a lot of changes and progress. I learned to turn any adversity into positive energy. I've been so hell bent on Living happy and healthy. I can honestly say I like where I am and how things are panning out. And with the new steps taken towards my future, I am growing more interested to see how things will open up for me. Someone once shared their mantra with me and I fell in love with it so much that I apply it to my life as well. "Seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn down, but from this pregnancy of my hardship was born style"

M.O.B(ig hair)

Teyana Taylor does Married to the Mob for their new 2009 fall line! You might know her for her big hair, a deck under her feet, doooope outfits & jumpin' out from a Barbie box on "My Super Sweet 16." Straight out of Harlem, this chick raps, writes songs, is a singer that is singed on Star Trak Entertainment and a dancer as well. Shes choreographed Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm" and was Featured on Jay Z's album "Blue Print."

+ I want her hair! Frosty.