Monday, August 31, 2009

Most Mondays

this is how it goes for me.....

Kate Moss is sexy when she's not zooted outta her skull.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

you think your shit dont stink but you are MRS. PU!

Afficon Crockett just pooped on Drake.

38 Years Livin', 20 Years Bombin'

+ im going to grow into becoming this drawing.

Happy Birthday to Mike Giant!
Keep a look out for new projects....
+ REBEL8 x Benny Gold
+ FMS x Rebel8 "There Goes The Neighborhood"

He grossly talented. I just want a R8 10 speed. Putting R8 stickers throughout mine just isn't cutting it. Sidenote- My birthday is in April! His glasses rule, here's my spin on 'em!

fuck yeah!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bet is 20 dollars but not these.

My overly excited throw up tastes like HELLZ BELLZ x VANS 2010 COLLECTION....hit 'em with tha combos and you get black and gold OXFORDS, with a side high top zipper in tha back. About face; forcin you to read tha front tip of tha toe "a crime for all seasons" So dope. So bonita needed. Come drool with me....

I know, they are frosty. Too bad i'll only have 2 years of rockin' em before tha world blows like your mom.

you aint up on this, as much as you think!

Vestal's newest Lady...

Amanda Blank joins Peaches, Eagles of Death Metal, Black Lips, MSTRKRFT, Shiny Toy Guns, Justin Pearson & Valient Thorr as the newest member of the Vestal Featured Artist.

boshey broads, always have a small chunk of my heart.

- Amanda Blank & Lykke Li<3

Cudi Cline, mighty fine!

I can't stop bumping this Kid Cudi & Sharam joint. The hook samples originoo Pasty Cline lyrics for song "Strange." Y'all know my soft side for this sound. I like me some Pasty! Feelin' it? It's featured on Sharam's "Get Wild" album.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girltalk // Wiz K

Sunday, August 23rd tha girls and I made our way to Brooklyn to the Waterfront pool party @ the park for a free show! Max Tundra , Wiz Khalifa and Girl Talk were amazing! The day was filled with babes, dope styles, sweaty bodies & a range of good to bad dance moves, but all equally excellent! It was kind of like the last hooray for the summer. I snapped some shots, more will be added..videos as well, as soon as my camera stops being a hooker whore and function correctly. Grr - i need to read the manual.

. i liked his pink dumps .

. sweat pit .

. this shot was an epic fail =[ .

. Alex & Myself coolin' on tha grass .
. Wiz <3 .

. "it's hard to look good at these things!" .

Sunday, August 16, 2009

off the wall.

Vans Chukkas put a really classy spin on the traditional Chukka; with a peacoat upper along with a heel strap that is finished off with the signature peacoat anchor button, maken it extra frosty!

These need to make thier way into my life!

I love me some vans, and for the record... I DO skate in them!
Just supply tha deck for me ;] I can ollie, kick flip & coast. Thats about it...teach me?


Happy Birthday to the best woman I know; Mama Maria of course! =]
Woot Woot, looken heLLa good at her age, that I won't mention. She's my world, my best friend, my support but most of all shes my mother and keeps me in check. I look up to my mother very much and hope to do for my own childern one day, as she did me. Love ya moms. xo.

. Mom & Dad .

. Mama & my Aunt out to Celebrate.

She's a cougar, I know.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traffic Terms.

I was driving today and I had a passenger. First mistake. Once you are seated in the scion, you're doomed. However, you'll enjoy it. passenger brought to my attention my "Traffic Term Trash"
She found my words amusing and somewhat confirm:

bonita's on tha road dictionary vol. big. Traveler's edition.

Ass Hat - The person, that did not read the Drivers ed Manuel and simply does what he/she wants.
ex: "Look at this ASS HAT maken his/her own rules!"

Milk dud - (so good during movies) One that is NOT a defensive driver, usually gets honked at, waits so god dayum long to make basic maneuvers.
ex: "Fuckin ass hat MILK DUD, you pussy, you could have made that turn 5 lights ago. DONT MILK IT! and yes, sometimes Bonita is a milk dud, only because I'm blind and can't determine how much time or how fast someone is moving! LOL. Normally, I'm an ass hat and just jet whenever I'll cruse at me.

Ass Fuck- that dickhead that cuts you off to only get.....NOWHERE!
ex: " Those big moves got you nowhere ya ass fuck!"

Frogger Street- all of New York ave in Hton station. I swear to god everytime I drive down this street, which is often...I plan an alibi in my head of how I manage to hit this person because I'm sure no one will believe tha fact that people on this street just jump right into the middle of the road, not looking or givin two fucks! Pretty self explanatory on the name.
ex: "Yo, how do I get to Tropical Smoothie?" - " "Take Frogger street all tha way up." - " I NEARLY MERKED THAT DUDE, RUNNIN RIGHT INTO THA STREET!" - real life convo.

"Biiiiiiikers/Loooooosers!" - Ever since Gabby and I were kids, whenever we'd see someone on a bycile or a motorcycle..." biiiikers, Looosers" was the next line out of our mouths. I think it was from a movie.

Small Child- I, for one, never dodge potholes...I do not know why. Some say it's like i purposley aim for them. hahaha Each time I hit one, "Small Child" comes out of my mouth.

ex: "I think....i might have just hit a small child?"

Jerkin tits- The asshole that drives 10mph.

ex: "Dis bitch is Jerkin my tits right now...are you serious america?!"

Packrad bell- One that takes a turn ever so slowly. [slowest computer ever]


a mouth like this is best suited with an 18 wheeler.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lady dont tekno(logy)

photo taken from Saul Williams ",said the shotgun to the head"
.sometimes i wish i could Ctrl - Z
.certin things/times/people
.make them go away
.to the point of no return
.most times i want to Ctrl - V
.certin things/times/people
.make them repeat
.over and over
.of all times it's Esc
.no F1
.too late
my keyboard is a bitch.

Jam with tha toast.

My summertime jam...Clif Soulo :: Oakland's finest!

Monday, August 10, 2009

soulfuL summer.

As of Wednesday my summer will be over. Back to school for Bonita. Head in tha game & Healthy! I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent. I filled my days with friendly faces and endless laughter. I made new friends and even reconnected with old friends. I fell like a renewed soul. Over the summer I've made a lot of changes and progress. I learned to turn any adversity into positive energy. I've been so hell bent on Living happy and healthy. I can honestly say I like where I am and how things are panning out. And with the new steps taken towards my future, I am growing more interested to see how things will open up for me. Someone once shared their mantra with me and I fell in love with it so much that I apply it to my life as well. "Seems I need a new soul cuz mine is worn down, but from this pregnancy of my hardship was born style"

M.O.B(ig hair)

Teyana Taylor does Married to the Mob for their new 2009 fall line! You might know her for her big hair, a deck under her feet, doooope outfits & jumpin' out from a Barbie box on "My Super Sweet 16." Straight out of Harlem, this chick raps, writes songs, is a singer that is singed on Star Trak Entertainment and a dancer as well. Shes choreographed Beyonce's "Ring the Alarm" and was Featured on Jay Z's album "Blue Print."

+ I want her hair! Frosty.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eco Sexy

Stript, a alternative brand of beauty that caters to purity and product safety. An all natural and vegan line of make up that does away with parabens, artificial oils and fragrances! This line samples ingredients such as JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE, GREEN TEA, SHEA BUTTER and COTTON, you are bound to have flawless and pure skin! From their animal fur-free applicator brushes to their Eco friendly packing: biodegradable packing materials, written with soy ink...this line is legit! I should know, I only unpacked their entire line and set display up and then played! Stript is now available at

Here's a sample of how the make up looks on:
(After a 6 hour shift haha bare with me...)
Eyes: I Mixed colors VENUS, EVE & JASMINE & blended underneath.
Face: LIGHT MEDIUM WARM mineral foundation
Lips: Nada. Rockin' tha shade I was born with ;]
Cheeks: Mixture of DEVINE & BELLA, dulled down.

Bonita likes. +

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hiro's hygiene Feat. TAME ONE

Del The Funky Homosapien, part of Hieroglyphics and Tame One, best known as a member of Artifacts, also in side projects such as Weathermen and the Leak Brothers came together to release an album produced by Parallel Thought. Del and Tame, two prolific and highly-respected artists upholding the hip-hop art form at its best—and holding their own in 2009. They are definitely proving that true lyricism is alive and well. Do yourself a favor - check for this!

Different dish, same course :: this ones for the Ladies...

Ever have a baaaad dude run up on you, Metro Fresho, clean kicks, fitted, pressed button up and have him crack that smile and show them crusty teeth?! IT AINT WORTH IT LADIES! IT IS NOT WORTH IT!
Men, get familiar with a tooth brush, no one is tryin to smell..better yet, SEE last nights dinner between your teeth. geesh! You're not worth tryin to see past the dragon breath you breathin'! You worked tha outside, don't forget about tha inside...YOUR MOUTH! Take a lesson from Del's- "IF YOU MUST"

It's important to practice good hygiene
At least if you wanna run with my team
I'm bout to get into some shit that I've seen
This fool's breath, I mean so bad it'll melt your ice cream
They say don't say nothing if you can't say nice things
Sittin too close to him it burned my eyes stingI try to be subtle,
hand him a stick of gum I was a victim of breath on him
Running his yap about what sets he from
Gotta get some gum gotta get him some
He turned it down, his teeth was brown
Excruciating for him and it was a new sensation
I had to ask the dope to pass the soap'cause his toe had the sniff of crustaceans Or bathrooms in a bus station
He had a can of Olde E and some raisins
Amazing... head to toe B.O.
He didn't know, used to the fragrance
Just as the days went without bathing
He felt manly and not like a maiden
He had one dread, and fungus
Said he worked on peoples' toilets with plungers
Girls, not the guy you would want to tongue ya
So guys take your cue from this number

Monday, August 3, 2009

RIP :: BATTIN of SLum Village.

"In sad music news, it was reported that Slum Village co-founder Titus "Baatin" Glover (pictured on the right) was found dead on Saturday. Evidence from the medical examiners office is still pending but for now, the cause of his death is a mystery. He was actually supposed to be performing at Rock the Bells in Vancouver on Saturday with Slum Village, and was booked to perform in Seattle next Friday, August 14th.
He's the second member of Slum Village to pass away as James "J Dilla" Yancey (pictured on the left) died in 2006 from complications related to lupus. RL "T3" Altman (pictured in the rear) is the last original member of the group. A part of what's so sad about Baatin's passing is that he was just beginning to really get his life back together. He left Slum Village in 2003 after being diagnosed with schizophrenia and battled some emotional issues for a number of years. But he appeared to have put all of that behind him because he recently rejoined the group this summer. I can remember interviewing T3 on the subject matter in 2003 and vividly remember him saying that Baatin would be welcome back in the group as soon as he worked out his personal issues. So his unexpected passing over the weekend is a hard pill to swallow.
. you remember this track! .
Rest In Peace.


HELLZ BELLZ is kiLLen it! Teamin' up with MISS WAX, I am doomed! This collab is gonna be hot. I recently got a sneak peak of HELLZ BELLZ gear for the fall...November 2009, bonkers! I can NOT wait. I already told my girl to put shit on hold for me once she gets it into her store. No control with this line. Ladies represent represent! Above is a Two Finger ring engraved with the letters HB and MW along side of Hellz Bellz broken bottle logo. I'm single, ain't no ring on my finger, but that could all change if a fly guy puts that on me!

it was a good day.

New advertisement for Nike sb, for the zoom air Paul Rodriguez III. Featuring Kobe Bryant, Eric Koston and Ice Cube. Frosty!


Sunday, August 2, 2009

. a Little bit in Love with you .

Lykke Li, my female crush. I freakin adore this lady. I just want to bottle her up and keep her forever. Not only do i love the sound of her voice, but i love her style. I often find myself getting lost in her lyrics, she is something different. Her sound is a indie Swedish // electropop. She has appeared on Sewdish musicians, Kleerup's album contributing vocals for "Until We Bleed" & Royskopp's "Miss it so Much" She is also featured in "Gifted" - N.A.S.A, Kanye West, Santogold. Drake also made a remix to her song "Little Bit" appearing on his album "So Far Gone." Shes done covers from Kings of Leon, A Tribe Called Quest to mixes by Rick Ross. I'm finding that it's actually common for her songs to be remixed and/or covered. Either way, shes baaaad and definitely holding it down.

Side note: This video was done from straight pocket change before she was on LL Records. She gathered friends and rented the apartment displayed in video and did her thing! loves it.

Lykke Li's Jams to get:
(+) my favorites.
. Until we bleed // Kleerup
. I'm Good, I'm Gone (+)
. Little Bit [both orignial and Drake remix] (+)
. Hanging High (+)
. Knocked up
. Miss It So Much // Royksopp
. Breaking it up (+)
. Dance, Dance, Dance (+)
. Let it fall
. Tonight (+)
. Can I Kick it? (+)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Food for thought.

+ I want to adopt.
+ Shark week begins August 2nd!
+ i want to base my life out in San Francisco.
+ Halloween talk has begun // death of a sales rep.
+ i like me.
+ i want to earn someone, earning me.
+ i need an Intervention from A&E's Intervention.
+ Since i've always wanted, i've always wanted you.
+ My best success will be when i get a little bit older.
+ my future home will consists of junkyard/street curb furniture for conversational purposes.
+ Lately the acoustic guitar makes me melt.
+ i wear my scars like jewelry.
+ this time last year reminds me of growth.
+ i make getting lost look really good.
+ cigarettes haven't been apart of my life for 8 months now.
+ my alarm clock goes off at 12 noon everyday.
+ a boxer named SkriLLa, is a must have in my life.
+ i put Raisnets in my popcorn.
+ blue dreads are in the making.
+ i just want to ribe my bike with a boy.
+ i smile on my own.
+my hair is an asshole.
+ sometimes i miss you, victoria maria and your old ways.