Tuesday, July 28, 2009

wine'd out // Local lo(w)han(d)

The Lohan Family - minus money maker Lindsay came into the shop today in request to find extensions for younger daughter Dina. My service; somewhat up to par until I told them to venture into Huntington Station....what? Tha sisters do tha iLL weaves! Whelp, thats a trip the Lohan's won't be taking. Lemme find out you Amy wine'd out! With that said, I'm droppin' that British Paper The Daily Star mentioned she is thinking about launching her own perfume line! I'm thinkin'...I'd wear her booze havin', cigg smeLLin', bottled crack smoke scents proudly! Aces for Amy.

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i'm GAGA for YOU!! The Lohans came in?! Hahaha.