Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Girltalk // Wiz K

Sunday, August 23rd tha girls and I made our way to Brooklyn to the Waterfront pool party @ the park for a free show! Max Tundra , Wiz Khalifa and Girl Talk were amazing! The day was filled with babes, dope styles, sweaty bodies & a range of good to bad dance moves, but all equally excellent! It was kind of like the last hooray for the summer. I snapped some shots, more will be added..videos as well, as soon as my camera stops being a hooker whore and function correctly. Grr - i need to read the manual.

. i liked his pink dumps .

. sweat pit .

. this shot was an epic fail =[ .

. Alex & Myself coolin' on tha grass .
. Wiz <3 .

. "it's hard to look good at these things!" .

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