Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traffic Terms.

I was driving today and I had a passenger. First mistake. Once you are seated in the scion, you're doomed. However, you'll enjoy it. passenger brought to my attention my "Traffic Term Trash"
She found my words amusing and somewhat confirm:

bonita's on tha road dictionary vol. big. Traveler's edition.

Ass Hat - The person, that did not read the Drivers ed Manuel and simply does what he/she wants.
ex: "Look at this ASS HAT maken his/her own rules!"

Milk dud - (so good during movies) One that is NOT a defensive driver, usually gets honked at, waits so god dayum long to make basic maneuvers.
ex: "Fuckin ass hat MILK DUD, you pussy, you could have made that turn 5 lights ago. DONT MILK IT! and yes, sometimes Bonita is a milk dud, only because I'm blind and can't determine how much time or how fast someone is moving! LOL. Normally, I'm an ass hat and just jet whenever I'll cruse at me.

Ass Fuck- that dickhead that cuts you off to only get.....NOWHERE!
ex: " Those big moves got you nowhere ya ass fuck!"

Frogger Street- all of New York ave in Hton station. I swear to god everytime I drive down this street, which is often...I plan an alibi in my head of how I manage to hit this person because I'm sure no one will believe tha fact that people on this street just jump right into the middle of the road, not looking or givin two fucks! Pretty self explanatory on the name.
ex: "Yo, how do I get to Tropical Smoothie?" - " "Take Frogger street all tha way up." - " I NEARLY MERKED THAT DUDE, RUNNIN RIGHT INTO THA STREET!" - real life convo.

"Biiiiiiikers/Loooooosers!" - Ever since Gabby and I were kids, whenever we'd see someone on a bycile or a motorcycle..." biiiikers, Looosers" was the next line out of our mouths. I think it was from a movie.

Small Child- I, for one, never dodge potholes...I do not know why. Some say it's like i purposley aim for them. hahaha Each time I hit one, "Small Child" comes out of my mouth.

ex: "I think....i might have just hit a small child?"

Jerkin tits- The asshole that drives 10mph.

ex: "Dis bitch is Jerkin my tits right now...are you serious america?!"

Packrad bell- One that takes a turn ever so slowly. [slowest computer ever]


a mouth like this is best suited with an 18 wheeler.

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