Saturday, September 19, 2009

B Side Love, always

A shameless return to the glistening, sex-saturated synth-pop revisionist duo = Chromeo! Formed in Montreal in the early 21st century, a project of Audio Research consist of Dave 1<3 lead vocals/gitar and P-Thug on keyboards, synthesizers and talk box. Regaurdless of my ever growing crush on Dave...I'm in love with their sound. Former childhood friends with a completely different look and style, come toegther and rock it. Above is an interview discussing their first DJ mix, and the first DJ-Kicks release in two years. It also includes their late exposure to quality electronic music, an email which convinced Trevor Jackson to do the album cover, [all thier album covers are dope] and what their cover of “I Can’t Tell You Why” has in common with a number of Hall & Oates hit.
Chromeo's DJ Kicks Cd releases September 28th!

Needy Girl ++
Call me up
Mama's Boy +
Bonifide Lovin' +++
Tenderoni ++

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