Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ef ay be oh el oh you es

I'm vibin; Fabolous, pushin' out Lil' Wayne. I had enough of Drake & Weezy. I hate to be that person sounding like "oh blah I was up on them years ago"... Well I was, so all your "new" is my "old" and fuck it, Fabo is lyrically better than Weezy. Yeah, I said it. I mean don't get it twisted, I loved Lil wayne back in tha days of Cash Money Records & Hot boys..But Fabo is tough. Ha, this can either go one of two ways; You're either reading this and understanding orrrr you're getting hot! I'm just tired of that mixtape bullshit, after a while it all sounds the same. And I'm real tired of the remakes of old songs. Let that shit be. Like how does Wayne go remaking an original Nina Simone song such as "Feeling Good" Wayne samples the hook in his song "Birds flying High" Yeah I get it, it calls for a good sound but it's way too drastic of two totally different sounds and ages. To me, thats like taking a good movie and then adding squeal after sequel...that you end up hating the movie because you know nothing can top the original. Even in simple form Lil Wayne x Nina Simone, doesn't sound right. It's like dunking Oreo's in Orange Jucie...just aint gonna work. Is this hitting home at all? I hope so. I'm sayin, Fabolous really has never let me down, where as some of Lil Wayne's moves has made me shake my head. Well maybe I shouldn't be blaming Weezy after all.....maybe I should shift my anger towards The Hoff.

....Are you serious America?!

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