Wednesday, September 23, 2009

new found love.

Paris, Rome, holding hands, running, dancing, purple tights, beards, punches, silly dance moves, site seeing, laughter, hobo bag, kisses, photography, traveling, trains, white sheets, swans, luggage, stripes, sky scrappers, jumps, swinging, shuffle, scarves, dress, love, adventure, fashion, steps, sand, water, parks...would it be selfish to say, I want all this?!



Anonymous said...

Good call with the Camera Obscura. I was actually so entirely against this band the first time I heard them a few years back, but this album seems to capture so much more energy.

I'm a huge fan of the last track on this album "Honey in the Sun". I don't know, when I listen and close my eyes, it just makes me think of running around through sprinklers and down the Slip N' Slide when I was a kid.

bonita. said...

yessssssss! agreed! So good. I'm also really excitied about your page, sorry this is delayed - i can't figure out how to make this thing tell me I got 'comments'. Also, can a blogspot add a livejournal as a friend? If so, we shall be fwriends! just have to figure it out LOL you are the computer guy right? They are playing in Williamsburg Nov 22nd. - interested?